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Bad Boys by Ruby City Books

Fulfill your daeepest sensual fantasies with this collection of 11 threesome romance bad boy short stories!

Bad Boys

Laying The Odds
Cowboy Seed
Big Black Cuckold
Pregnant By My Big Black Cuckold
Holiday Menage
Taken By The Ranchers
Double The Wild
The Home Coming
Taboo Menage
Superpower Threesome
Stepbrother Proposal

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WE RECOMMEND: Knocked Up by the Dom

Knocked Up by the Dom by Penelope Bloom

My darkest secret?
I let a stranger dominate me in the most intimate way possible.
He gave me three things that night:
His first name, the sweet taste of submission, and his baby.
Now my Dom is back and this time he won’t stop until I’m his.


One wild and reckless night changed my life three years ago. I got a taste of what it meant to be with a real man–how just a whisper could ignite my desire, and his commanding voice could have me kneeling at his feet in submission.

He was my everything and I only knew him for a few hours.

But like everything good in my life, it went up in flames. When I learned the truth about him, I ran as fast as I could. I’d like to think I would’ve stayed if I knew about the baby… but I doubt even that would’ve stopped me, not after what I learned.


It has been three years since she got away. Three f*cking years. I knew she was mine from the moment I saw her. I had to have her. To touch her. For one night, I owned her submission and she loved every second.

I finally found her again. There’s not a chance in hell she’s going to slip away this time. Not again. Not ever.

I’m going to bring her into my world. I’ll give her everything she wants and all the things she didn’t even know she needs. She’ll be crying out my name. She’ll be dreaming of spankings, handcuffs, and blindfolds.

I’m going to dominate her in every way imaginable. Mind, body, and soul. Especially her body.

But it’s not going to be as simple as I thought because she has a son now… my son.

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EROTICA (Vol.3) by Ruby City Books

Heat up your day with this sizzling collection of threesome short stories!


Holiday Menage
Seduced by our Hot Vampire Neighbor
Yoga Menage
Trapped in the Attic with Two Men
Apparition Threesome
Taboo Menage
Superpower Threesome
Taken By Two Ghosts

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WE RECOMMEND: Dear Bridget, I Want You

Dear Bridget, I Want You by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

Dear Bridget,
I’m writing this letter because it’s highly doubtful I’ll ever garner the courage to say this to your face.
So, here goes.
We’re totally wrong for each other. You’re the proper single mum with a good head on your shoulders. I’m just the carefree British doctor passing through town and temporarily living in your converted garage until I head back to England.
But here’s the thing… for some bloody reason, I can’t stop thinking about you in very inappropriate ways.
I want you.
The only reason I’m even admitting all of this to you right now is because I don’t believe it’s one-sided. I notice your eyes when you look at me, too. And as crass as I appear when we’re joking around about sex, my attraction to you is not a joke.
So, what’s the purpose of this note? I guess it’s a reminder that we’re adults, that sex is healthy and natural, and that you can find me just through the door past the kitchen. More specifically, it’s to let you know that I’m leaving said door cracked open from now on in case you’d like to visit me in the middle of the night sometime.
No questions asked.
Think about it.
Or don’t.
Whatever you choose.
It’s doubtful I’ll even end up sliding this letter under your door anyway.

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NEW RELEASE: Taken by my Realtor (Part 2)

Taken by my Realtor (Part 2) by Poppy Deveaux

I lost the love of my life when I caught him doing something horrible and heartbreaking.

But now he’s back in my life because he followed me home. And he is a realtor for Alpha Realty; a powerful company that has all of the hottest, latest listings. Maybe I can use him for what I need in my life right now, a new office space for my business.

But can I let him back in my life without my feelings returning full force? Do I really want to hear his side of the story? I am not going to believe anything he has to say so why bother?

But how can I resist him? He is so incredibly hot.

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WE RECOMMEND: Hot Man Wanted

Hot Man Wanted by Tia Siren

What’s a billionaire like me doing on a dating site?
I’m going to escape from my life – for one hot night.
One taste of this ‘real’ kind of woman and I’m hooked.
No one from my world wants us to be together.
But I’m going to fight for her – whatever it takes.

When I see the Hot Man Wanted ad, my d*ck pricks up immediately.
Ashley Anderson is looking for her first O.
Up for the challenge? You bet.
Her s*xy curves and quirky smile make me keep wanting to come back for more.
She laughs at my jokes and screams at my pleasure.
But she’s not someone I could ever bring home to meet the parents.
We’re from different worlds.
I go to charity dinners. She likes take-out.
But f*ck whoever wants to keep us apart.
I won’t let anyone tell me who I can marry.
Because I’m going to marry the girl I met on a dating site.

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NEW RELEASE: Taken by my Realtor (Part 1)

Taken by my Realtor (Part 1) by Poppy Deveaux

I was tired of being alone. I wanted love. I wanted a relationship. I didn’t just want the usual roll in the hay. I wanted a man who could love me and fulfill my fantasies.

I’ve never been lucky in love. So I thought maybe a change would be good and perhaps I should do something for myself. Why not invest my hard earned money at the same time? I wanted to buy myself my own place, something to call my very own.

And that’s when I met him…Cole Everett. My realtor. My hot, panty melting realtor with muscles for days.

Even his voice drove me wild.

But he wasn’t relationship material. He was oozing lust, not love. I wasn’t about to get myself involved in that. I would get lost and never be able to find my way out.

I knew he was going to be bad for me in so many ways but I couldn’t resist him.

Enter the world of Charlotte Russe and Cole Everett….

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Don’t Tell by Violet Paige

The code is simple.
Never date your best friend’s little sister.
Especially when you’re a single dad. I have responsibilities.
But not every little sister looks like Kaitlyn Sinclaire.
She’s all grown up with a body to prove it.
Curves for miles and lips that beg to be kissed.
She’s off limits. And it never mattered until now.
Kaitlyn shows up on my doorstep with nowhere to stay and miles from home.
What am I supposed to do? Kick her out or lead her to my bed?
It’s only going to last as long as she’s in town. Her brother doesn’t need to know.
But after one taste of her sweet innocence, there’s no turning back.

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Drumline by Stacy Kestwick

Traditions are important. Especially in the South.
College football. Rivalries. Tailgating. Halftime shows.
Some things just don’t change.
Until Reese Holland shows up with her long legs and no-bullsh*t attitude to audition for the prestigious all-male Rodner University snare line.
It doesn’t matter how much hazing she has to endure from Laird Bronson, with his narrowed green eyes and arrogant smirk. She wants that damn spot, and she’s more than good enough to earn it.
She expects there to be tension. Even friction.
But not sparks hot enough to burn the entire campus down.

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