WE RECOMMEND: Looking For A Princess

Looking For A Princess by Shanade White

Marla’s got it all together – she’s got a fabulous job, and her employers have just sent her for a two week vacation in the Florida Keys.
But there’s one thing Marla hasn’t got to make her life complete: True Love.
On the plane back home, she strikes up a conversation with handsome European Geraldo, who explains he’s looking for a better life in America.
This works out great for her, as she has to fill a gardener’s position, and he’s the perfect fit.
Besides, now she has an excuse to see him again.
Their instant attraction soon turns to deep, heartfelt love, as well as burn up the bed passion.
But then Marla finds out Geraldo has been hiding a secret, and it’s HUGE – he’s the Prince of Andorra, searching for a bride before he turns 30!
With her employer scheming against her, drama over a missing necklace, and secret recordings, will these lovers be ripped apart forever?
Or will they find the strength to stand up for their happy ever after?

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