Stone Hard by Melinda Minx

One look, and I’m stone hard. One night, and she’s carrying my baby.

When I’m not riding my bike, I’m riding a woman, and no one does it better than me. If they want more than a night, they can hit the road.

Until I meet her.

Joanna Jensson. She’s everything I’m not. Innocent. Good. And her faintest smile gets my c*ck rock hard. I want to feel her soft skin beneath my calloused hands, and I want her screaming my name into her pillow.

One night with her was all I got before my own MC set me up and landed me in prison.

But when I learn she had my baby, it’s going to take more than a few metal bars to keep me from protecting my family.

I’m coming back. And I’m coming hard.

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