WE RECOMMEND: Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

Daddy Kissing Santa Claus by Max Walker

Chris Harper is a writer with a heart of gold who finds himself down on his luck when his day job suddenly goes under. Left jobless, he’s able to land a gig as a mall Santa. He expects it to be a decent temporary job without making any lasting impression on his life.

Ho ho hooo, was he wrong about that.

Mark Nolan is a handsome real estate mogul who lived most of his life as a lie. When his daughter was born, Mark realized he needed to be true to what he felt. He came out as gay and tried to find love with another man, only to have his heart shattered and his trust fractured.

Then, during a masquerade party, Mark connects with a man unlike any other. Unfortunately, their connection is abruptly cut short and both are left asking themselves ‘what if’.

A year later and that same man is sitting in Santa’s sleigh, waiting to hear what Mark’s daughter wants for Christmas. Will they listen to fate and try to form something that lasts beyond chance encounters or will the ghosts of Christmas past come to tear them apart?

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