NEW RELEASE: The Dragon Menage Prophecy

The Dragon Menage Prophecy by Piquette Fontaine

A war is raging between two ancient species of dragon shifters, the kirin and the wyvern. Gylvan, a member of the latter species, is nearly killed at the hands of his foe one stormy evening, but is spared at the last minute with a bruised and lacerated body to show for it.

He returns to his village to be taken care of by Emelda, a wise and elderly healer. As she’s treating him, Emelda tells him of a prophecy she’s seen, which speaks of a beautiful woman who will soon captivate his heart, and whose existence may bring long sought peace to their people. Gylvan, arguing that the humans are as much their enemies as the kirin, shrugs off such a ridiculous notion.

That is, until one evening he comes face to face with a maddening attractive human female, named Lyn, bathing naked in a stream. Instantly he becomes smitten with her, but will the existence of a secret fiance undermine a love written in the stars?

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