Big Bad Twins by Tia Siren

Danielle Robicheaux:
Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Davy. My first love. He joined the Navy, supposedly for three years and was supposed to come back to get me. And now that six years have passed, I guess I’m still waiting for him to walk into my diner.
So as much as I hate this crappy little town, I can’t leave.
Then they walk in the door… The Wolf brothers, identical twin billionaires who are hotter than a bowl of Cajun gumbo and as sexy as New Orleans jazz…
And they have a proposition. One a girl like me MUST refuse.
But it’s not the menage I’m afraid of.
What if I go back to New York with the twins, and Davy comes back for me?

Terry & Tony Wolf:
My brother and I have a motto: you can never have too much money or too much pussy.
Little did we know that when we landed in the Cajun backwater town of Bellegrade, Louisiana, we would find an abundance of both…
Yep. We’re going to bang Danielle – a hot Cajun redhead.
We both knew it the moment we saw her.
But she’s got us questioning our motto.
Will this just be a one night stand? Or will this Cajun redhead be the one who finally gets us to settle down?

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