NEW RELEASE: The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs by Piquette Fontaine

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? I do, quite often in fact. That tends to happen a lot when you engage in voyeuristic practices like my husband and I do. Derek was the one who initially got me into such exhibitionist behavior, the two of us doing all sorts of crazy things to one another while strangers watched. The presence of a third party during the exchange made our lovemaking that much more intense, that much spicier, and for me at least, it served to break down some of the barriers of shyness that were otherwise a problem for me for so long.

Things, however, take quite an unexpected turn one day, when without warning I discover that Derek has invited an old high school crush of mine to join in the viewing. I’m certain my husband is unaware of what he’s done, but the temptation brought about by this unexpected reunion might just prove too much for me to bear…

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