WE RECOMMEND: Daddy Next Door

Daddy Next Door by Kylie Walker

What would you do if you learned your BFF of five years was screwing your man? The one you’re supposed to marry? Yup, that’s what I did. I kicked him to the curb and moved my sorry ass to Raleigh. Time to take a break, pick up the pieces of my heart and move on.

Yeah right!

Unfortunately, the new house I just bought happens to be right beside the hottest god damn man I have ever laid eyes on. He has to be at least ten years older than me and has a daughter named Rachel. Tyler Renner seems like the total catch. That is until I learn how bad the two of them have it.

I’m a sucker. I’ll admit it. I allowed myself to get sucked into their world and spit right back out again. I can’t allow my heart to get crushed again, but I also can’t allow Rachelle to get hurt either.

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