WE RECOMMEND: The Baby Contract

The Baby Contract by Riley Rollins

Marriage and promises and white picket fences…?
Mistakes I’ll never make again. I’m over that fantasy.
So is Libby, and that’s why she’s the perfect surrogate for my baby.
She gets paid, and I get an heir to the Mason family name.
No fuss, no muss. Easy, right?

I need a woman who’ll let me impregnate her for pay.

Libby’s got zero interest in babies or a husband. She needs money, not complications.

Yeah, I’ll marry her to make it look legit, but I want a f*cking business deal. A contract. Legal, straightforward… Shatterproof. After Libby gives birth, she’s gone for good.

…But once she’s got my baby in her belly…

Simple gets complicated.

Ripe and luscious, with fertile curves that beg me to plant my seed, damned right I’m going to spread Libby’s thighs and put my rock hard plow to work… Over and over again.

Nine months? I’ve got to have more. Her body is my responsibility, my possession, my addiction.

F*ck the agreement… This is gonna get dirty.

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