NEW RELEASE: Butt Lovin’ Unicorn

Butt Lovin’ Unicorn by Stix Hiscock

Here is another crazy but sexy fantasy romance by Hugo Award Finalist, Stix Hiscock! 

Jane is just a simple Christian woman, born and raised in the country to a family of modest means, without much good smarts or book learning. But she’s perfectly satisfied with her modest life on the plains, thanks in large to her amazing husband, a devilishly handsome unicorn named Sullivan Horsepower.

Every day Sullivan makes his descent into the colon of the Earth, working in the coal mines in order to provide Jane with the highest possible standard of living. One day, however, their ideal life together is pushed beyond the limits to its breaking point, when Sullivan unearths a still living velociraptor, who’s been trapped alive beneath layers of coal for over seventy million years.

Raptor McCoy is the ultimate badass and lady’s man, and after saving his life, Sullivan invites him into their home until he can get back on his feet…. much to Jane’s surprise, and unbearable arousal…

Between Raptor’s irresistible powers of seduction, and the uncovering of her husband’s perverse, secret butt lust, can Jane possibly maintain the devout existence on which she’s prided herself for so long?

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