NEW RELEASE: A Fistful of Vidalia

A Fistful of Vidalia by Stix Hiscock

Vidalia Bootlicker is a simple Western girl, trapped in a fate that she can’t seem to find a way to overcome. The daughter of a poor t-rex dirt farmer, she should be thrilled to be marrying wealthy oil magnate Thaddeus Osborn, and to escape decades of poverty on the outkirts of town. But her fiance is kind of a tool, and Vidalia’s deepest wish is to be able to marry for love, rather than for money.

Things change for her in a very big way one evening when she goes out to the Rootin’ Tootin’ Supper Club on a date with Thaddeus, and happens to catch a captivating performance by the one and only Bowlegged Bobby Bronto. A struggling guitar player who can’t seem to get a break, he finds himself just as smitten with Vidalia as she is with him, and suddenly starts to feel as though he’s found his purpose in life.

Will our two western heroes be able to push past their obstacles in order to establish a life together? Or will untold truths threaten their relationship far more than either of them can imagine?

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