NEW RELEASE: Bedding the Unicorn in Uniform

Bedding the Unicorn in Uniform by Stix Hiscock

War- what is it good for? In this case, bringing together two star-crossed lovers, who find their lives, as well as their perspective on the world, changed forever by the miracle of love, as well as one another’s private parts.

Alexander Horsefeathers, codename Alpha Hawk Bravo 69, is shot down over the Atlantic Ocean during a battle with his country’s mortal enemy, the Jurassic States of America. He struggles for life as he makes his way to shore, and it’s nothing short of a miracle that he survives his defeat intact.

Susan Q. Pumpernickel, meanwhile, is a human wartime nurse, whose allegiances lie strictly with the dinosaur soldiers of the JSA- her husband-to-be, velociraptor and general douchebag Johnny Fang included. As dedicated as she is to saving lives, however, she’s never been totally convinced that the cause they’re fighting for is a worthy one. That notion is truly put to the test when she stumbles onto a torn and tattered Alexander Horsefeathers washed up on the shore, and instantly finds herself falling for him.

Secretly nursing her fallen unicorn enemy back to health, will Susan betray her country, fiance, and hippocratic oath by allowing her feelings for the stranger to get the better of her? Or is the cultural distance between their people too great to ever be surmounted?

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