NEW RELEASE: Interracial Love Affair

Interracial Love Affair by Piquette Fontaine

Forty two year-old Alyshia has always had mixed feelings about her neighbours. Most of them, specifically the women, seem to dislike her. She tends not to remind herself that their contempt is spurred by the fact that she has a habit of seducing their male significant others right out from under them.

She can’t help it though- she’s always been something of a cougar at heart, and now that she’s in the predatory prime of her life, she feels no shame in wanting to have a little fun. Still, she can’t help but feel a little bit isolated now that the entire community dislikes her, and she finds herself looking for someone new to share in the golden years of her life.

She thinks she’s struck a gold mine when her new neighbour moves into town- a young, single, shirtless ebony sexpot named Omar.

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