WE RECOMMEND: Five Mountain Daddies

Five Mountain Daddies by B. B. Hamel

Five older men won’t stop teasing me.
They just want a little fun. And I’m their new game.
I should say no, but I can’t stop my new Daddies.

I first meet them at a party my parents throw. They’re five rugged, rich mountain men, older and looking for a little fun. I’m home from college, saving money before I can move to the big city and start my dream job. I can’t afford any distractions.

Except I can’t say no when all five make it clear that I’m the game they’re going to play.

It feels so good at first. Five incredible men fighting over me, trying to seduce me, trying to push my boundaries way too far.

But when they decide it’s better if they share me, I know I’m totally screwed. That’s when we take it to the next level, a whole new world of pleasure I didn’t even know could exist.

Five men want me all at once. It’s overwhelming, it’s too much… and yet I can’t stop myself. I need ten hands on my body, caressing me, taking me deeper.

I’m supposed to leave at the end of the summer. I have a job waiting for me in New York, and I hate our home town.

But these five mountain Daddies want me, and they’re not about to give up so easily. They think we can make our town a better place together, if only I give myself to them completely.

I might sacrifice my dream for my mountain Daddies, and they might give me the world in return.

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