NEW RELEASE: Speed Mating

Speed Mating by Piquette Fontaine

I feel like my life is stalling somewhat… I’m in my mid-twenties, which should be about the prime of my life, but I spend all my time being shy and bookish and never getting out and having any fun. I go to talk to an old friend about this, and she suggests that romance might just be what my life is missing. She says I should attend this speed dating event she saw a listing for in the local paper, and I decide that maybe I would enjoy going and seeing if I have any luck with things.

The only thing is, it turns out that my friend misread the listing in the paper, and that the event is actually a thing called “Speed Mating,” where kinky adults go from room to room and indulge their miscellaneous fantasies. And though I’m hesitant about the concept at first, I begin to think that maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what I need to help bring a bit of taboo excitement back into my life…

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