WE RECOMMEND: The Marriage Mistake

The Marriage Mistake by Natalie Knight and Daphne Dawn

Putting the bang back in Bangkok…
Sammi Brighton. Uptight. Brilliant. Driven.
Total master of self-control.
One look at those snarky lips and I’m rock hard.
Imagining all the filthy things I want to do.
Oh, did I mention?
She hates my f^@%ing guts.
But that doesn’t stop me.
Not when she shows up at the same conference.
Determined to show me up yet again.
But I know what makes Sammi tick.
I’m going to make her come undone.
Scream. Moan. Beg for more.
The only thing I didn’t plan on?
Waking up married.
Now I have to convince her of something else entirely.
That this was no mistake.