WE RECOMMEND: His Dream Baby

His Dream Baby by B. B. Hamel

He’s coming for his dream baby.
And he wants me to be the mother.
I never asked to be a mom, but when my cousin made me swear to watch over her son after she passed away, I agreed to adopt him.
But I had no clue his father was still around.
Connor is gorgeous, but he’s such an a**hole. He’s the sort of cocky jerk my cousin would go for, and not at all my type.
He wants his baby back, but I made a promise. I don’t care how charming and handsome Connor is, he’s still a total stranger. I’m not letting him take my boy without a fight.
But Connor wants more than just his baby. He wants my body, and he’s not shy about it.
He says we’re going to have a big family. He says he’s going to get me pregnant over, and over, and over.
It scares me how appealing that is. I want to feel his hard body against mine, lips crushed against my lips, hips pushed tight against my hips.
Connor says he’s getting his baby back plus a little extra.
It’s crazy, but I just might give it to him.