WE RECOMMEND: Lucky Soldier

Lucky Soldier by Eva Luxe

I swore an oath of loyalty and care.
To my country… and then to my dying best friend, to take care of his sister.
Kyle and I grew up together in a small town.
His little sister Sommer was at first a pesky tagalong.
Later, in high school, it was fun to hang out with her and our other friends.
Kyle and I served in the military, fighting overseas.
He didn’t make it, but he did make me promise to take good care of his sister.
I intend to do that, but I’m not sure he means it in the way I want it to mean.
When I get back home, I see that little Sommer is all grown up.
She’s traded her nerdy glasses in for some contact lenses and her skeletal teenage frame for a well endowed, curvy body.
She’s gained weight in all the right places, and dresses like she knows it.
What I want to do is take off those clothes. But I can’t. Can I?
She’s my best friend’s little sister.
But when Sommer’s grandfather gets sick, we invent a white little lie to cheer him up.
Sommer won’t be alone, we tell him, because we’re engaged.
The longer the charade goes on, the more I find myself believing it’s real.
But I don’t really want to marry Sommer… do I?