NEW RELEASE: World Class Realtor (Part 1)

World Class Realtor (Part 1) by Poppy Deveaux

I was tired of being alone. I wanted love. I wanted a relationship. I didn’t just want the usual roll in the hay. I wanted a man who could love me and fulfill my fantasies.

I’ve never been lucky in love. So I thought maybe a change would be good and perhaps I should do something for myself. Why not invest my hard earned money at the same time? I wanted to buy myself my own place, something to call my very own.

And that’s when I met him…Cole Everett. My realtor. My hot, panty melting realtor with muscles for days.

Even his voice drove me wild.

But he wasn’t relationship material. He was oozing lust, not love. I wasn’t about to get myself involved in that. I would get lost and never be able to find my way out.

I knew he was going to be bad for me in so many ways but I couldn’t resist him.

Enter the world of Charlotte Russe and Cole Everett….

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