NEW RELEASE: My Polyamorous Life

My Polyamorous Life by Poppy Deveaux

Leanne enters her mid-twenties with little idea of who she is. All her life she’s felt different from everyone else, never satisfied in any of her relationships. Even now that she’s been with Johnny for a few years, there’s still a part of her that can’t understand how she could only be with one man for the rest of her life, even if she loves him with all her heart.

While other people are asking when they’re going to get married, Leanne is feeling the pressure. Drawn to other men, she doesn’t want to cheat, yet there’s a part of her that needs to explore her sexuality.

Discovering she’s polyamorous, Leanne now has to decide whether to tell Johnny or not, knowing that it could prove the end to the best relationship she’s ever had. But can she keep this a secret, bottled inside of her when all it wants to do is explode?

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