WE RECOMMEND: My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

My Best Friend’s Boyfriend by Amy Brent

I’ve lost my mind.
That’s the only explanation for it.
He’s my best friend’s boyfriend. I broke every girl-code out there when I let him kiss me.
And then what happened after…
But the dating agency set us up. And I couldn’t say no to those gorgeous gray eyes focused only on giving me pleasure.
I just wanted to lose my virginity. Now I’m afraid I’ll lose Logan.
What happens when I tell him I’m pregnant?

She blew me away when she walked in the room.
Olive skin and bright blue eyes that scratch an itch I never knew I had.
When I was with her best friend, I wouldn’t dare think about how much I wanted Ava.
Except in my dreams.
Now Ava’s here for real. In my arms, in my bed…
Mine. Forever.
But when I wake up, will she still be here?

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