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Lockdown with My Billionaire Boss by Sloane Peterson

There are days when this new normal feels like no normal at all. But when I end up in lockdown with my insanely hot billionaire boss, I start to think maybe I can make the best of a bad situation…

Heartbreak is never easy.
Even breaking up with someone you were never really meant to be with can be painful.

I thought Dennis and I would end up married one day.
But instead he dumps me at a sushi restaurant.

I try to stay positive, and appreciate the ups of being newly single.
But then this whole stupid pandemic comes along, and more than anything I hate spending so much time on my own.

I’m getting restless, when one day I strike up an interesting conversation with my boss.
He’s a hot tech industry billionaire, who I find out is recently single as well since the start of the pandemic.

After a few days texting back and forth, the two of us come up with a tantalizing arrangement to help us survive through lockdown…

Soon my wildest dreams have all come true.
I’m making love with my boss in the lap of his luxurious penthouse, and living a life of grandeur unlike anything I’ve ever imagined for myself.

Only I’m about to find, emotions can get in the way of even the sweetest affairs.
And now I’m wondering whether these new feelings I’m experiencing can possibly survive through the end of the pandemic…