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Boss’s Secret by Sloane Peterson

My dream job, a playboy billionaire boss, a fake romance and the murder trial of the century…
What could possibly go wrong?

When I receive a job offer from Windsor Publishing – to work for my teenage crush – Oliver Windsor, and his wealthy family, I know it must be too good to be true. The Windsors, well known for making controversial headlines, should be a PR rep’s dream job.

So long as Oliver’s intensely good looks and persuasive lips do not keep me from acting professionally. I’m sure I can keep these distractions at bay – until he gets too close and I feel my heart start palpitating and body firing up.

But, it’s not until I find out that Oliver’s father is on trial for murder, that this dream job turns into a nightmare. Painting this family in a good light gets more challenging by the minute as more and more scandalous behavior is revealed.

I think I have it all under control, until I start sleeping with Oliver.

And then, a surprise confession from him changes my entire life – leaving me with no idea how I’m going to manage.