Alpha Prey

Heat up your day with this collection of dirty paranormal romance short stories! If you enjoy a sexy read about werewolf and werebear menages then this is the perfect collection for you!

Craving The Wolf
Savage Urges
Bearback Mountain
Taming The Beast
Passion Wolf
Werebear Menage
Werewolf Delights

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Alpha Lust by Kirby Cooper

Adam is a 20-something-year-old graphic designer who lives a very isolated life. He has very few friends and only goes out when he feels he can control the animal inside of him. Once a month, he must deal with a curse that has plagued his family for generations.

One night, Adam reluctantly agrees to go to a club with his friend Marcus even though he is on edge after receiving a threatening message from an unknown source. At the club, he finds that he is able to read the thoughts of a bad boy named Jesse. Jesse is rugged and sexy as hell. It turns out Jesse feels the connection too and before long, things heat up.

The two are soon faced with a challenge from their enemies whose power rivals their own.

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NEW RELEASE: Love In An Elevator

Love In An Elevator by Piquette Fontaine

“Could you hold that door for me please?”

Eight simple little words, inherently harmless, but they’re about to change the course of my life in a way I might never have expected. I’m a successful woman, with a high paying, respectable job, but at present I find myself in a broken down elevator, stuck between two men who happen to have held very similar, but distinct roles in my life.

On my right, Harry, my superior, an older gentleman who seduced me during my early days at the company, and who taught me everything I know.

On my left, Mark, my subordinate, who shares an equivalent role in my life, sexually and professionally.

And as the three of us remain trapped in the tension of our extended elevator ride, things began to grow very, very complicated for us…

Receive a very special bonus following the main story!

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