NEW COLLECTION: Threesome Time

Threesome Time

Fulfill your darkest sensual fantasies with six incredible taboo experiences that will heat you up!

Speed Mating
Swing With Us
Reno This
Apparition Threesome
The Home Coming
Lover Awakened
Three In Bed Ain’t Bad

Please enjoy several short stories as bonus by various authors after the main story! All types of burning hot tales for your enjoyment. They will heat you up!

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Menage Time

Looking to add some sizzle to your day? Heat it up with this naughty collection of 6 steamy romance menages!

Sailor’s Menage
Caribbean Menage
Ghosts Inside
I’m With The Band
A Billionaire’s Heart
Wild Urges

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Taboo Mania

Seven little dirty romantic experiences that will heat you up! There’s a little something for everyone in this box set of super saucy taboo shorts! Get it while you can. It’s guaranteed to heat you up!

Taboo Menage
My Bucket List Series – I Kissed A Girl
Laid Off
My Bucket List Series – BANG! BANG! BANG!
Stepbrother Proposal
The Home Coming
Town Of Lust (Part 1)

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NEW RELEASE: Superpower Threesome

Superpower Threesome by Piquette Fontaine

Ashley is in love with what seems like should be the perfect man. A superhero who should be capable of using his superhuman strength to please her every need. But Charles, A.K.A. Captain Splendor, is far from perfect and Ashley’s every need is far from being pleased.

With her boyfriend so obsessed with being “good,” she feels left in the lurch by his preoccupation, and finds that her guard is let down when advances are made on her by a notorious supervillain, the evil and mysterious Blaq.

Will Ashley bow to temptation and let her relationship with Mr. Nice Guy be destroyed, or will she discover that there are more facets to this love triangle between herself and two superhumans than that which meets the eye?

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NEW RELEASE: The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs by Piquette Fontaine

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? I do, quite often in fact. That tends to happen a lot when you engage in voyeuristic practices like my husband and I do. Derek was the one who initially got me into such exhibitionist behavior, the two of us doing all sorts of crazy things to one another while strangers watched. The presence of a third party during the exchange made our lovemaking that much more intense, that much spicier, and for me at least, it served to break down some of the barriers of shyness that were otherwise a problem for me for so long.

Things, however, take quite an unexpected turn one day, when without warning I discover that Derek has invited an old high school crush of mine to join in the viewing. I’m certain my husband is unaware of what he’s done, but the temptation brought about by this unexpected reunion might just prove too much for me to bear…

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Con Job by Piquette Fontaine

For years I’ve lived my life as a shy, awkward, and sexless young woman. Or at least, that’s the version of myself that I’ve presented to others for so long, and it’s made it difficult for me to get around my own inhibitions. Beneath the surface, though, there lurks a genuinely little vixen, a woman who’s passionate and burns enthusiastically for such means of human contact.

After feeling hopeless with regard to my own desires for so very long, I experience something of a revelation out of the blue.

After attending a comic con one year, dressed up in full cosplay regalia, I realize that masking my true self from the world allows me to move past my self-doubt, and to overcome my many inhibitions.

Now, I’m ready to get back on the horse. To unleash my inner vixen, and to show up to this year’s con suited up and ready. And I may just end up surprised with how many individuals I come across as willing candidates for my bedfellows…

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NEW RELEASE: Lucky Number Three

Lucky Number Three by Poppy Deveaux

Michael is a billionaire who is bored of life and can’t seem to find any satisfaction.

Chris and Sue are childhood sweethearts who have found that life hasn’t worked out as they had hoped. In a valiant gamble to win a fortune they risk everything they have, which only widens the chasm between them. Michael witnesses their act and sees the devastating effect it has on them, but there’s something about them that charms him, and he decides to get to know them better, then offers them a proposition.

Chris and Sue have a secret. Michael sees an opportunity. Are the three of them exactly what they need or are the stakes too high?

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NEW RELEASE: Clash Of Kinks (Part 3)

Clash Of Kinks (Part 3) by Piquette Fontaine

It’s a long, restless night in the kingdom of Westerado. Winter is awake among her three sleeping husbands and her wife, feeling as though her life is somehow unfulfilled.
As happy as she’s been in her marriage up to this point, and as peaceful as the kingdom has been, she feels as though she’s never been able to make her own choices in life. Now, with her co-wife, Queen Cissor, pregnant with the child of one of her three husbands, she’s left to reflect on what sort of monotonous future lies ahead of her.

It is in this emotional state that she travels to the island of Essossippi to discuss trade negotiations, and she finds herself positively smitten with the continent’s tribal leader, Hal Grodo. Turned on, and eager to start making her own decisions, she begins a passionate affair with the man, and decides she would rather stay behind in Essossippi than return to her domestic and ruling duties back in Westerado.

Will Jim Slush, the husband who loves Winter above all else be able to change her mind and convince her to return home? Or will he prove just as powerless against the mighty Grodo in a battle of epic proportions?

Will Winter lose her lovers to death in the epic battle over her?

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NEW RELEASE: Clash Of Kinks (Part 2)

Clash Of Kinks (Part 2) by Piquette Fontaine

Winter is coming- harder than ever this time…

The kingdom of Westerado has known an unprecedented peace for months now, thanks to the marriage of the land’s three princes to the heiress of the Pointy Throne, Winter.

As wonderful as things seem at the moment, however, there’s trouble brewing in paradise. Without wholly meaning to, it’s clear that Winter is showing preference to the only other human in their quadratic marriage, Jim Slush from the east. Glace, ice giant from the north, and Dargon, dragon-human hybrid from the south, feel neglected by comparison, and the two of them are ripe for picking when an outside force decides she’s had enough of Westerado’s newly established peace.

With Cissor, Queen of Analos, seeking to destabilize the Pointy Throne through the art of seduction, will everything the four have worked so hard to achieve come crashing down around them?

Or will the unbalanced group marriage at last achieve the equilibrium it so dearly needs?

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NEW RELEASE: Clash Of Kinks (Part 1)

Clash Of Kinks (Part 1) by Piquette Fontaine

Winter is coming… Hard.

The daughter of royalty in the sprawling land of Westerado, Winter is put in a difficult position by her father, King Aeryc II. Seeking to unite the four kingdoms of the land, King Aeryc requests that his daughter surrender her hand in marriage, to one of the continent’s three princes- Jim Slush, hailing from the land of Easterado; Glace the Night Prince, ruler over Northerado; or Dargon, dragon-human hybrid and sovereign over the plains of Southerado.

Though Winter is hesitant at first, she agrees to be open minded and pay a visit to the other three corners of the land and meet the men in question. As she progresses on her journey, however, she’s surprised to find that she rather enjoys the company of all three men in question- and is left wondering how she can possibly make such a life-altering decision between them?

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