NEW RELEASE: Bed, Breakfast and Beyond

Bed, Breakfast and Beyond by Piquette Fontaine

My husband and I run a Bed and Breakfast and I guess you might say a few of our practices are just a little bit out of the ordinary…

Specifically, Derrick and I have developed the habit of seducing our customers- individuals and couples alike, both male and female. We find that we really love what it is we do, even though sometimes I sense a slight hesitance beneath the surface on Derrick’s behalf that I can’t fully explain.

At any rate, the two of us find ourselves pushed to our utmost limits when a very particular couple, The Smiths, come to stay at our humble home for an entire week and proceed to utterly rock my world…

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NEW RELEASE: Big Black Cuckold

Big Black Cuckold by Piquette Fontaine

I’m ambling through the grocery store one evening, admiring some of the more phallic produce as I walk past it, bananas, cucumbers, eggplants and the like, and I begin to realize how empty my life feels at the stage that it’s currently in. 

I’m a married woman now, and it just feels like I’m past the opportunity for exploration and fantasy indulgence when it comes to my rather depraved sexuality. 

I’m astonished when, suddenly, a black man who’d been giving me flirtatious looks earlier on in the produce department hands me his phone number at the checkout line, scribbled on a piece of paper above another, far more suggestive number: 11 inches…

I drive home, trying to forget about the incident, by making vicious love to my husband on the living room sofa. But almost immediately after it’s finished, I end up broaching the subject of acting out a fantasy in front of him with the big black stranger, and a turn of very sexy events is set into motion.

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Sailor’s Menage
Werebear Menage
Billionaire Magic
Twice The Bite
Double The Wild
Battle Menage
Creaming On The Law

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NEW RELEASE: Oh Holey Night

Oh Holey Night by Piquette Fontaine

Normally, I don’t much mind the Christmas season. This year, though, I’m not really feeling the holiday spirit quite as much. I’m in my late twenties now, which is far from old, but I’ve been married for almost a decade and both my life and my marriage honestly feel pretty stuck in place. I love my husband, but I’m finding myself with a case of the wandering eye. I’ve always been an attractive woman, at one point even considering a career in modeling, and seeing the men around me always checking me out only serves to remind me of how far from the life I once imagined for myself I’ve fallen.

And, what might be worst of all is the fact that I find my eye wandering in particular to a stud from my church, who flirts with me shamelessly and who I can’t take my eyes off of. Before I can stop myself, the two of us are in one another’s arms, getting all kinds of holly and jolly, and for the next couple of weeks I find myself with just a tad bit more Christmas candy on my hands than I might have imagined. The fling comes to a sudden and unceremonious end one afternoon when I accidentally bring up the subject of my husband in conversation.

That is, until Christmas Eve, when I find out that my husband himself has quite the surprise in store for me…

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Fresh Milf by Piquette Fontaine

I’ve always dreamed of college as a sort of paradise, a place where you met different women every day and end up with them every night. But there’s one problem in paradise… See, I’m going into school as a college freshman, and I’ve never actually done the deed.

I’m watching some college-themed dirt on my laptop one evening, prepping myself you might say, when suddenly my stepmom walks in on me and all the awkwardness you could imagine ensues.

And what’s worse, she’s supposed to be taking me to college in a few days, a four hour drive. Things go off mostly without a hitch, though, until everything gets unpacked and then….

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NEW COLLECTION: Black Friday Mega Menages

Black Friday Mega Menages

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Three In The Bed Ain’t Bad
The Home Coming
Caribbean Menage
Reno This
Ghosts Inside
Sailor’s Menage
I’m With The Band
The Voyeurs
Cowboy Seed
Big Black Cuckold
A Billionaire’s Heart
Closing The Deal (Part 1)
Closing The Deal (Part 2)
Battle Menage
Bed, Breakfast And Beyond
Billionaire Boss
Eternal Menage
Apparition Threesome
Alpha Attraction
Stepbrother Proposal
Laid Off
Oh Holey Night
Taken By Two Ghosts
Wave Rider
Wave Rider 2

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NEW COLLECTION: It’s A Taboo Thing

It’s A Taboo Thing

6 Heat-Raising Erotic Books in One Ultimate Box Set!

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The Home Coming
My Bucket List Series – Little Miss Anal
Pregnant By My Big Black Cuckold
Cowboy Seed
Taboo Menage
My Bucket List Series – Black In Back

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NEW RELEASE: Creaming On The Law

Creaming On The Law by Piquette Fontaine

In a world of bizarre ambiguity, it can be difficult to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Prosecutor, Ashlee Dalton is looking to improve her conviction record and make a lasting impression no matter what gets in her way.

But it is when she meets her match that she stops for a moment of reflection. With her head in her hands, she contemplates just how she wound up in such a difficult crux.

She does not consider herself to be a bad person. She has dedicated her life to serve and protect and will do whatever she believes is necessary to claw her way to the top.

Even if that means taking on two hot gay men at one time.

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