NEW RELEASE: Swing With Us

Swing With Us by Piquette Fontaine

Aging kinksters Rose and Dom pick up the young twink Chevron after he waits on them in a restaurant and months of threeway deviance ensue.

They realize that their ultimate pleasure will come when they build a “swing” together, but will that take their relationship to the next level or cause its demise?

Only one way to find out…..

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Reno This by Amelia Knight

Jonathan and Cora Hardy are planning to have their home extensively renovated. Jon hires his friend, Scott Westerling, to do the job. Both men have been in threesomes together before, as single men, but now Jon is married and Scott is still single. Now, however, the reno offers them a chance to try it again…

Jon has known for some time that Cora finds their contractor sexy. What better way to celebrate her birthday than by giving her a very special surprise?

How long will the renovation take with all these dirty distractions?

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NEW RELEASE: Battle Menage

Battle Menage by Piquette Fontaine

Toni has a good life with one exception – Denise, her nemesis neighbor. After an unfortunate incident with potato salad left the two of them in a frenzy, they are continually and tirelessly trying to outdo one another. The competition becomes all consuming and enters every aspect of their lives.

This leads to yoga class where they both take a shining to the hot male yoga instructor. Things soon get heated and there’s only one way they can decide who is better. This fight will take place in the bedroom. Who will win this battle of skill and passion? And who will get tossed out of bed?

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NEW RELEASE: Caribbean Menage

Caribbean Menage by Piquette Fontaine

It was time to celebrate. After years of working toward the career of her dreams, Milla had finally graduated from med school. And what better way to celebrate than with a tropical getaway with her two best friends; two sexy, available men, who also happened to have a thing for Milla.

Up until now, she’d been too absorbed in her studies to see what was right before her eyes, but on the sandy beaches of St. Lucia, her two sexy singles would be certain that she saw them in a whole new light.

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NEW RELEASE: Stepbrother Proposal

Stepbrother Proposal by Piquette Fontaine

Leona Wilding left home as soon as she turned 18. Her darling stepmother, Charlene, had two sons, one of whom was still living at home. Chandler, aka Chad, was a senior to her freshman in high school and she had been hopelessly in love with him since the first day she had saw him. But he only saw a kid. So when he turned up at the yearly family gathering with a pretty young thing in tow, Lee’s heart broke. She left home, determined to forget her unrequited love, and to move on with her life.

Ten years later, she’s a teacher, single and reasonably content until Chad reappears in her life with a man in tow…a billionaire Dutchman named Xander de Graaf, and both men pursue her for the kind of relationship she would never have imagined possible. And she wants them both.

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NEW RELEASE: Love In An Elevator

Love In An Elevator by Piquette Fontaine

“Could you hold that door for me please?”

Eight simple little words, inherently harmless, but they’re about to change the course of my life in a way I might never have expected. I’m a successful woman, with a high paying, respectable job, but at present I find myself in a broken down elevator, stuck between two men who happen to have held very similar, but distinct roles in my life.

On my right, Harry, my superior, an older gentleman who seduced me during my early days at the company, and who taught me everything I know.

On my left, Mark, my subordinate, who shares an equivalent role in my life, sexually and professionally.

And as the three of us remain trapped in the tension of our extended elevator ride, things began to grow very, very complicated for us…

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NEW RELEASE: Closing The Deal (Part 1)

Closing The Deal (Part 1) by Poppy Deveaux

I was tired of being alone. I wanted to be in love. I wanted a relationship. I didn’t just want the usual roll in the hay. I wanted a man who could love me and fulfill my fantasies.
I’ve never been lucky in love. So I thought maybe a change would be good and perhaps I should do something for myself. Why not invest my hard earned money at the same time? I wanted to buy myself my own place, something to call my very own.
And that’s when I met him…Cole Everett. My realtor. My hot, sexy, panty melting realtor with muscles for days.  Even his voice drove me wild.
But he wasn’t relationship material. He was oozing lust, not love. I wasn’t about to get myself involved in that. I would get lost and never be able to find my way out.
I knew he was going to be bad for me in so many ways but I couldn’t resist him.
Enter the world of Charlotte Russe and Cole Everett….

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