NEW RELEASE: Craving The Wolf

Craving The Wolf by Piquette Fontaine

When Matthew Edwards embarks on a solo camping trip, his only wish is to forget all about his boring desk job and the terrible break-up with his ex that’s been haunting him for a year. But when he sees a mysterious she-wolf on the first day of his trip, he’s plunged into a world of dreams and spirits, where nothing is as it seems and it steams up quite nicely.

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NEW RELEASE: Hot For Teacher

Hot For Teacher by Piquette Fontaine

I’ve been feeling so tired of the way my life is going these days. There’s just no excitement anymore, and I find myself staying late at the office almost every night, dreading the prospect of going home. My marriage feels like it’s in the pits, and even the idea of making it back to see my husband Rob and my delightful daughter Emily feels like it’s too much for me to take. I married early and things have gotten stale for me far too quickly.

One night I attend a parent teacher conference at my daughter’s school, and find out that her teacher is the same one I had when I was in high school. Mr. Fellows…. The man I’d had the biggest of crushes on for the longest time.

The two of us shoot the breeze, and have a surprisingly good time together and suddenly, I find myself in his bed…

For weeks, the two of us carry on a steamy, mind-blowing affair, my life at last feeling like it’s got a little bit of spice to it, until suddenly my favorite educator stops returning my texts and I think everything has come to a screeching halt.

That is, until one day I receive one last text from him, and I find out he has quite the surprise in store for me…

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NEW RELEASE: Closing The Deal (Part 2)

Closing The Deal (Part 2) by Poppy Deveaux

I lost the love of my life when I caught him doing something horrible and heartbreaking.

But now he’s back in my life because he followed me home. And he is a realtor for Alpha Realty; a powerful company that has all of the hottest, latest listings. Maybe I can use him for what I need in my life right now, a new office space for my business.

But can I let him back in my life without my feelings returning full force? Do I really want to hear his side of the story? I am not going to believe anything he has to say so why bother?

But how can I resist this sexy beast who knows how to close the deal?

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NEW RELEASE: Swing With Us

Swing With Us by Piquette Fontaine

Aging kinksters Rose and Dom pick up the young twink Chevron after he waits on them in a restaurant and months of threeway deviance ensue.

They realize that their ultimate pleasure will come when they build a “swing” together, but will that take their relationship to the next level or cause its demise?

Only one way to find out…..

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Taboo Tales

Fulfill your darkest sensual fantasies with this dirty little collection of short stories. If you like romances, fetishes, westerns, secret babies, threesomes and taboo then this is the right collection for you!

The Home Coming
My Bucket List Series- Then Comes Marriage
Fresh Milf
My Bucket List Series- Deidra’s Dungeon
Cowboy Seed
Taboo Menage

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NEW RELEASE: Billionaire Magic

Billionaire Magic by Piquette Fontaine

Kind, sweet, compassionate and drop-dead gorgeous Emma just couldn’t figure out why she kept ending up with lying, cheating jerks. Fortunately, her best friend Michael is an incredibly wealthy, irresistibly gorgeous man who also happens to be madly in love with her. And he has become tired of standing by watching Emma go from one bad relationship to the next. This time, he is devising a plan to get her attention and finally have her writhing beneath him. And ordinary play isn’t all he is after; Michael wants Emma to let loose every inhibition for a cataclysmic experience neither of them will ever forget.

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NEW RELEASE: Battle Menage

Battle Menage by Piquette Fontaine

Toni has a good life with one exception – Denise, her nemesis neighbor. After an unfortunate incident with potato salad left the two of them in a frenzy, they are continually and tirelessly trying to outdo one another. The competition becomes all consuming and enters every aspect of their lives.

This leads to yoga class where they both take a shining to the hot male yoga instructor. Things soon get heated and there’s only one way they can decide who is better. This fight will take place in the bedroom. Who will win this battle of skill and passion? And who will get tossed out of bed?

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NEW RELEASE: Closing The Deal (Part 1)

Closing The Deal (Part 1) by Poppy Deveaux

I was tired of being alone. I wanted to be in love. I wanted a relationship. I didn’t just want the usual roll in the hay. I wanted a man who could love me and fulfill my fantasies.
I’ve never been lucky in love. So I thought maybe a change would be good and perhaps I should do something for myself. Why not invest my hard earned money at the same time? I wanted to buy myself my own place, something to call my very own.
And that’s when I met him…Cole Everett. My realtor. My hot, sexy, panty melting realtor with muscles for days.  Even his voice drove me wild.
But he wasn’t relationship material. He was oozing lust, not love. I wasn’t about to get myself involved in that. I would get lost and never be able to find my way out.
I knew he was going to be bad for me in so many ways but I couldn’t resist him.
Enter the world of Charlotte Russe and Cole Everett….

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