NEW RELEASE: Double The Wild

Double The Wild by Piquette Fontaine

Looking to add some chap scorching cowboy sizzle to your day? Well you have found the right story here with this western adventure of two young lovebirds trying to find their place in the Wild Wild West.

And then suddenly there were three birds……..

Their love is forbidden, but Matt and Delilah have a brilliant plan to make her father accept them.

Will a pair of sexy strangers and a deadly storm help their cause to win over daddy’s approval or destroy their love or lives in the end?

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A Wild Ride

Looking to add some sizzle to your library? You will find it here with this steamy collection of erotic romance stories! If you like sexy werewolf, vampire and angel romances, then this is the collection for you! Hours of heated reading for all your saucy delights.

Passion Wolf
My Immortal Amour
Werewolf Delights
Wolf Lover

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NEW RELEASE: Menage With My Vampire Boss

Menage With My Vampire Boss by Piquette Fontaine

Millie has been struggling to find a job ever since she graduated from college. Growing disheartened by the lack of replies, she’s nervous when she finally lands an interview with Demeter Inc. The building is a tower of glass and barely any sunlight enters the place, and she’s sure that something is amiss but she can’t quite put her finger on it. Yet, when she’s asked to be the assistant to the CEO, she’ll find that he’s hiding a dark secret in the basement, and he wants her to be a part of it.

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NEW RELEASE: Island Hot Swap

Island Hot Swap by Piquette Fontaine

I’m such a lucky woman. I can’t believe what an exotic vacation this is, my husband and I lounging around at a resort, unwinding with a much-needed and well-deserved break from all our hard work. In many ways, this is like a second honeymoon for the two of us, and we’ve wound up becoming freaky and amorous multiple times throughout the course of the week.

I simply can’t get enough of him, and although I do get a bit of a wandering eye for a member of the resort staff, I feel as happy as can be just being able to have fun with my husband for the first time in a while.

Things take quite the unexpected turn, however, when the two of us go to a couple’s massage, and an interracial menage with our two attractive masseuses is proposed.

This is going to be a vacation to remember…

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NEW RELEASE: Bed, Breakfast and Beyond

Bed, Breakfast and Beyond by Piquette Fontaine

My husband and I run a Bed and Breakfast and I guess you might say a few of our practices are just a little bit out of the ordinary…

Specifically, Derrick and I have developed the habit of seducing our customers- individuals and couples alike, both male and female. We find that we really love what it is we do, even though sometimes I sense a slight hesitance beneath the surface on Derrick’s behalf that I can’t fully explain.

At any rate, the two of us find ourselves pushed to our utmost limits when a very particular couple, The Smiths, come to stay at our humble home for an entire week and proceed to utterly rock my world…

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Naughty Tales

Fulfill your darkest sensual fantasies with these naughty experiences. They WILL heat you up!

Naughty Tales

Cowboy Seed
My Bucket List Series – I Kissed A Girl
Big Black Cuckold
My Bucket List Series – Girl On Film
Swing With Us
Laid Off

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NEW COLLECTION: Dirty Bedtime Stories

Dirty Bedtime Stories

6 Heat-Raising Books in One Ultimate Box Set!

Fulfill your darkest sensual fantasies with this unbelievable collection of short stories. Six little dirty experiences that will heat you up and send you to bed properly!

I Like To Watch
My Bucket List Series – Girl On Film
Big Black Cuckold
My Bucket List Series – Deidra’s Dungeon
Fresh Milf
My Bucket List Series – Then Comes Marriage

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NEW RELEASE: Lucky Number Three

Lucky Number Three by Poppy Deveaux

Michael is a billionaire who is bored of life and can’t seem to find any satisfaction.

Chris and Sue are childhood sweethearts who have found that life hasn’t worked out as they had hoped. In a valiant gamble to win a fortune they risk everything they have, which only widens the chasm between them. Michael witnesses their act and sees the devastating effect it has on them, but there’s something about them that charms him, and he decides to get to know them better, then offers them a proposition.

Chris and Sue have a secret. Michael sees an opportunity. Are the three of them exactly what they need or are the stakes too high?

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NEW COLLECTION: Dangerously Hot

Dangerously Hot

Make your fall evenings hotter with this erotic menage collection!

Look What’s Cooking
I’m With The Band
Good Girl Gone Bad
Lover Awakening
Closing The Deal: Part 1
Returning Werewolf

Please enjoy several short stories as bonus by various authors after the main collection! All types of burning hot tales for your enjoyment. They will heat you up!

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