NEW RELEASE: Passion Ghost

Passion Ghost by Kirby Cooper

Dr. Jack Tudor is the leading neurosurgeon on the West coast. After making a fatal mistake in the operating room, he’s lost all confidence in his surgical abilities. Then a tall, mysterious presence appears in his life, leaving Jack with much more to question than his career.

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Sexy Beast by Piquette Fontaine

When Matthew Edwards embarks on a solo camping trip, his only wish is to forget all about his boring desk job and the terrible break-up with his ex that’s been haunting him for a year. But when he sees a mysterious she-wolf on the first day of his trip, he’s plunged into a world of dreams and spirits, where nothing is as it seems and it steams up quite nicely.

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A Quick Bite

Vampire lust and menages all wrapped up into one spicy little collection of short stories! Something you can really sink your teeth into.

Lover Awakened
Twice The Bite
Young Prospects
Menage With My Vampire Boss
Eternal Menage
Dark Temptation (Book #1)

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NEW RELEASE: A Vampire’s Obsession (Part 2)

A Vampire’s Obsession (Part 2) by Kirby Cooper

Drawn into the dark and mysterious world of Marcello De Rosa, Andreas becomes increasingly enmeshed in the twisted, erotic games that Marcello plays with the men of London. Marcello has lived several lifetimes and as the years roll by, his thirst for blood intensifies. Andreas is a young boy from Denmark who was seduced by Marcello on the streets of London. Marcello offers Andreas the choice of whether to live with him forever or submit to the intense pleasure of sexual servitude.

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NEW RELEASE: Dark Temptation (Book 3)

Dark Temptation (Book 3) by Piquette Fontaine

In this stirring conclusion to the trilogy, Shana must choose between her loveless, impending marriage and a vampire lover who has been recently emasculated. Chaos tears apart Shana’s family in the wake of her nephew’s disappearance, and everything that was once beautiful and orderly in the world is now chaos.

How can love ever be restored?

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NEW RELEASE: Dark Temptation (Book 2)

Dark Temptation (Book 2) by Piquette Fontaine

Shana has fallen back in love with a man who wants to drink her blood. While visiting her family in Cleveland, the concerns of her life in New York suburbia are far away from her and she takes the opportunity to embark on an odyssey of carnal pleasure with her old vampire fling.

Rifts develop between her and her sister when Shana shows scratches from the vampire’s teeth on her neck, and the relationship grows ever tense. Will Shana throw all she loves to the wind for a chance at eternal lust with her old fling?

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NEW RELEASE: Dark Temptation (Book 1)

Dark Temptation (Book 1) by Piquette Fontaine

Shana isn’t getting any younger. Engaged to be married, living in a nice house on Long Island, and always the best dressed in the room, she believes she’s living the life every woman should. But when she takes a trip back to her ancestral Cleveland, she is catapulted into her old life of strange happenings and forbidden love.

Baker is the blue collar dream man about whom she would pen all of her teenage poetry, intoxicated by his gentle words and physique chiseled by manual labor. The last time Shana saw him was the night he tried to suck her blood, yet since returning to Cleveland, she can’t avert her eyes from the blinding glow of her old flame.

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NEW RELEASE: Lover Awakened

Lover Awakened by Piquette Fontaine

Amy’s new boyfriend is hiding quite the bloody little secret beneath the surface…

Amy is out on the city streets one night, listening to music and trying to distract herself from her present situation. She recently discovered that her long-time boyfriend and fiance, Steve, was cheating on her, and as penitent as he seems about his betrayal, she can’t decide whether or not she has it within herself to forgive him.

As she’s walking, out of nowhere a mugger strikes, robbing her of her purse and engagement ring. Amy is happy just to have gotten out of it alive, but suddenly a third figure appears, dropping out of the sky, and taking revenge on Amy’s attacker. She loses consciousness, but wakes to find herself face to face with her rescuer, Justin- an absolutely gorgeous specimen of manhood, with dark ebony skin, and fierce, bulging muscles.

All loyalties to Steve seem to fly out the window as she wraps herself up in her rescuer’s arms, and the two of them make sweet, passionate love.

As happy and secure as she feels being with Justin, however, Steve isn’t going to accept Amy’s leaving him gracefully, and using social media he discovers a secret about her sharp fanged new lover that might threaten the survival of their relationship, or otherwise make it a hell of a lot more interesting…

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