NEW RELEASE: Half-Man, Half-Horse, All Love

Half-Man, Half-Horse, All Love by Stix Hiscock

No one ever said that the life of a fairy pixie mushroom farmer and unicorn rancher would be an easy one. And I should know. Because I am a fairy pixie mushroom farmer and unicorn rancher. And my life isn’t easy.

I spend all my time alone on the farm with my Pa, who’s very protective of me, and won’t let me go out and find true love like I secretly wish to. That all changes one night when a tentacle vampire attacks our barn, and kills one of our unicorns. Pa sends me to an auction in town to go and get a replacement for our loss, but I’m swept up with passion at the moment a centaur walks up on stage- half man, half horse, and completely dazzling…

The two of us share a moment, and I bid on him before I can stop myself. I use the defense that he’ll be able to ward off any future attacks from tentacle vampires, and Pa reluctantly accepts it. But really, my ulterior motive as I ride him back to the farm is that I want him to ride me- hard… And bareback… Is this the true love I’ve been seeking for so long?

Special bonus included with this fantasy story.

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NEW RELEASE: Horned Mates

Horned Mates by Kirby Cooper

Caleb never knew where he came from but the village of the Anakil welcomed him with open arms. When the village chief’s son returned from his journey, Caleb can’t help but be drawn to his fiery red hair and emerald eyes. Unfortunately for Caleb, he already has a destined mate. But maybe the all powerful Gaia will be willing to grant him a miracle.

Spicy bonus included!

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