NEW RELEASE: Laying The Odds

Laying The Odds by Piquette Fontaine

Tabitha’s husband almost gambled his life away and put her future in danger. Now she has one chance to win both back.

Will she be able to dig them out of this gambling stupor her husband has dug them into? Will her seductive ways be enough to cause the big man himself to show understanding and give them back their fortune? Will luck and love be on her side? And is she still just as persuasive in the sack?

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NEW RELEASE: The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs by Piquette Fontaine

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? I do, quite often in fact. That tends to happen a lot when you engage in voyeuristic practices like my husband and I do. Derek was the one who initially got me into such exhibitionist behavior, the two of us doing all sorts of crazy things to one another while strangers watched. The presence of a third party during the exchange made our lovemaking that much more intense, that much spicier, and for me at least, it served to break down some of the barriers of shyness that were otherwise a problem for me for so long.

Things, however, take quite an unexpected turn one day, when without warning I discover that Derek has invited an old high school crush of mine to join in the viewing. I’m certain my husband is unaware of what he’s done, but the temptation brought about by this unexpected reunion might just prove too much for me to bear…

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NEW RELEASE: His Secret Package

His Secret Package by Piquette Fontaine

Christmas is approaching and Hope is feeling lonely. It’s been a year since she’s enjoyed the company of a man and she instead has to occupy herself with fantasies of her new boss. The Christmas party is approaching and she finds out that her sexy new boss has her for secret Santa, but will he give her the kind of present that she really needs?

In competition there’s her nemesis at work, Charlotte, who is aiming to seduce the boss. Hope’s best friend, Evan, is also turned on by him. Will Hope be able to beat them both or is she just dreaming of something steamy to thaw away the ice around her heart?

And what’s in his package?

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NEW RELEASE: Wave Rider (Part Two)

Wave Rider (Part Two) by Piquette Fontaine

After Amanda slept with Matt and Danny, she wonders what to do because she’s attracted to them both, but knows that the path is fraught with danger. Yet she’s glad to have found a way to live after feeling so lonely for so long, and is looking forward to continue the surfing lessons, and the hot threesomes.

But one afternoon as she’s comforting Danny there’s a knock at the door and she’s astonished to see her ex, Ricky, appear. He’s supposed to be halfway around the world. She thought having two men was going to be complicated enough, now she has to try three.

NOTE: You don’t need to read Wave Rider, Part 1 to enjoy this story! But you definitely will want to!

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NEW RELEASE: Wave Rider (Part One)

Wave Rider (Part One) by Piquette Fontaine

Amanda spends her time by the beach after her boyfriend left her to travel the world. She wonders whether there are any dreams left for her, when one day she spots a surfer out at sea. Then she meets another one on land.

Matt and Danny are two opposites, one is dark-haired and rugged while the other is blonde and fresh-faced, but both are insanely hot and Amanda finds herself caught between the two….. quite literally.

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Sexy Beast by Piquette Fontaine

When Matthew Edwards embarks on a solo camping trip, his only wish is to forget all about his boring desk job and the terrible break-up with his ex that’s been haunting him for a year. But when he sees a mysterious she-wolf on the first day of his trip, he’s plunged into a world of dreams and spirits, where nothing is as it seems and it steams up quite nicely.

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NEW RELEASE: My Immortal Amour

My Immortal Amour by Piquette Fontaine

Marc was on a beach, waiting for the first light of the dawn… to end his life. That’s when he saw Shiera for the first time. She didn’t know he was a vampire, and he was about to find out that she was an angel.

Both had a huge vacuum in their extravagant lives, which they filled with happiness and hope as they fell in love. They had some really good times. But now, things are about to change for these star-crossed lovers. Their forbidden relationship has been discovered by their deadly and unforgiving clans. 

And that’s not the only threat looming over Shiera and Marc. One of them has a secret, which can not only crush the other, but also strangle the lovers forever.

Take a journey with Marc and Shiera to witness the most erotic and passionate love affair between a vampire and an angel.

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NEW RELEASE: Menage at Sea

Menage at Sea by Piquette Fontaine

When they married, Cindy and Michael had been happy despite the vast age difference between them. But now Michael is feeling older and Cindy is feeling lonelier. They decide to take a cruise in the hopes that it will bring them together, but could being in such close quarters drive them even further apart? Especially when there are other forces at work, like a buxom first mate and a strapping captain with a mysterious secret…

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NEW RELEASE: The Dragon Menage Prophecy

The Dragon Menage Prophecy by Piquette Fontaine

A war is raging between two ancient species of dragon shifters, the kirin and the wyvern. Gylvan, a member of the latter species, is nearly killed at the hands of his foe one stormy evening, but is spared at the last minute with a bruised and lacerated body to show for it.

He returns to his village to be taken care of by Emelda, a wise and elderly healer. As she’s treating him, Emelda tells him of a prophecy she’s seen, which speaks of a beautiful woman who will soon captivate his heart, and whose existence may bring long sought peace to their people. Gylvan, arguing that the humans are as much their enemies as the kirin, shrugs off such a ridiculous notion.

That is, until one evening he comes face to face with a maddening attractive human female, named Lyn, bathing naked in a stream. Instantly he becomes smitten with her, but will the existence of a secret fiance undermine a love written in the stars?

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NEW RELEASE: Billionaire Stepbrother

Billionaire Stepbrotherby Piquette Fontaine

Cathleen Hampton is an ambitious young woman. She attends NYU and runs her own business. But for all her academic and entrepreneurial success, there’s one area in her life where things are clearly lacking: her love life.

That’s until she meets Gareth Daugherty. He’s young, hot, and rich. But there’s a catch. In a couple of month, their parents are about to marry. Despite that little problem, they quickly develop a strong connection.

Will the taboo prove too much for them to overcome?

Or will they give into their passionate desire for one another?

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