NEW RELEASE: Secret Santa’s Package

Secret Santa’s Package by Piquette Fontaine

Christmas is approaching and Hope is feeling lonely. It’s been a year since she’s enjoyed the company of a man and she instead has to occupy herself with fantasies of her new boss. The Christmas party is approaching and she finds out that her sexy new boss has her for secret Santa, but will he give her the kind of present that she really needs?

In competition there’s her nemesis at work, Charlotte, who is aiming to seduce the boss. Hope’s best friend, Evan, is also turned on by him. Will Hope be able to beat them both or is she just dreaming of something steamy to thaw away the ice around her heart?

And what’s in his package?

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NEW RELEASE: Dark Temptation (Book 3)

Dark Temptation (Book 3) by Piquette Fontaine

In this stirring conclusion to the trilogy, Shana must choose between her loveless, impending marriage and a vampire lover who has been recently emasculated. Chaos tears apart Shana’s family in the wake of her nephew’s disappearance, and everything that was once beautiful and orderly in the world is now chaos.

How can love ever be restored?

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NEW RELEASE: Dark Temptation (Book 2)

Dark Temptation (Book 2) by Piquette Fontaine

Shana has fallen back in love with a man who wants to drink her blood. While visiting her family in Cleveland, the concerns of her life in New York suburbia are far away from her and she takes the opportunity to embark on an odyssey of carnal pleasure with her old vampire fling.

Rifts develop between her and her sister when Shana shows scratches from the vampire’s teeth on her neck, and the relationship grows ever tense. Will Shana throw all she loves to the wind for a chance at eternal lust with her old fling?

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NEW RELEASE: Dark Temptation (Book 1)

Dark Temptation (Book 1) by Piquette Fontaine

Shana isn’t getting any younger. Engaged to be married, living in a nice house on Long Island, and always the best dressed in the room, she believes she’s living the life every woman should. But when she takes a trip back to her ancestral Cleveland, she is catapulted into her old life of strange happenings and forbidden love.

Baker is the blue collar dream man about whom she would pen all of her teenage poetry, intoxicated by his gentle words and physique chiseled by manual labor. The last time Shana saw him was the night he tried to suck her blood, yet since returning to Cleveland, she can’t avert her eyes from the blinding glow of her old flame.

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NEW RELEASE: Bed, Breakfast and Beyond

Bed, Breakfast and Beyond by Piquette Fontaine

My husband and I run a Bed and Breakfast and I guess you might say a few of our practices are just a little bit out of the ordinary…

Specifically, Derrick and I have developed the habit of seducing our customers- individuals and couples alike, both male and female. We find that we really love what it is we do, even though sometimes I sense a slight hesitance beneath the surface on Derrick’s behalf that I can’t fully explain.

At any rate, the two of us find ourselves pushed to our utmost limits when a very particular couple, The Smiths, come to stay at our humble home for an entire week and proceed to utterly rock my world…

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NEW RELEASE: I’m With The Band

I’m With The Band by Piquette Fontaine

I guess it’s true what they always say- never mate your heroes. I learn that lesson the hard way, when I get the chance to go backstage and meet my favorite band, Spyyyke, in person, thanks to a V.I.P. ticket I win through a radio trivia contest.

My idol, the sexy and emotional drummer, lyricist, and sometimes-vocalist of the band, Adam Hart, quickly shows interest in me. It’s like a dream come true when he invites me back to bed with him, and the two of us engage in a night of sweet, passionate lovemaking. I’m extremely satisfied with the way things are going, and the band even invites me to come on tour with them.

However, gradually I begin to feel that the sensitive Adam is a just a tad bit too gentle and tender in his bedroom habits, and I find my eyes wandering to the band’s lead singer and guitarist, sexy bad boy Blake Savage.

Will I be able to choose between following my heart to Hart and following my urges to the appropriately named Savage? Or, in the end, will I have to make any choice at all in the matter?

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NEW RELEASE: Lover Awakened

Lover Awakened by Piquette Fontaine

Amy’s new boyfriend is hiding quite the bloody little secret beneath the surface…

Amy is out on the city streets one night, listening to music and trying to distract herself from her present situation. She recently discovered that her long-time boyfriend and fiance, Steve, was cheating on her, and as penitent as he seems about his betrayal, she can’t decide whether or not she has it within herself to forgive him.

As she’s walking, out of nowhere a mugger strikes, robbing her of her purse and engagement ring. Amy is happy just to have gotten out of it alive, but suddenly a third figure appears, dropping out of the sky, and taking revenge on Amy’s attacker. She loses consciousness, but wakes to find herself face to face with her rescuer, Justin- an absolutely gorgeous specimen of manhood, with dark ebony skin, and fierce, bulging muscles.

All loyalties to Steve seem to fly out the window as she wraps herself up in her rescuer’s arms, and the two of them make sweet, passionate love.

As happy and secure as she feels being with Justin, however, Steve isn’t going to accept Amy’s leaving him gracefully, and using social media he discovers a secret about her sharp fanged new lover that might threaten the survival of their relationship, or otherwise make it a hell of a lot more interesting…

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NEW RELEASE: Big Black Cuckold

Big Black Cuckold by Piquette Fontaine

I’m ambling through the grocery store one evening, admiring some of the more phallic produce as I walk past it, bananas, cucumbers, eggplants and the like, and I begin to realize how empty my life feels at the stage that it’s currently in. 

I’m a married woman now, and it just feels like I’m past the opportunity for exploration and fantasy indulgence when it comes to my rather depraved sexuality. 

I’m astonished when, suddenly, a black man who’d been giving me flirtatious looks earlier on in the produce department hands me his phone number at the checkout line, scribbled on a piece of paper above another, far more suggestive number: 11 inches…

I drive home, trying to forget about the incident, by making vicious love to my husband on the living room sofa. But almost immediately after it’s finished, I end up broaching the subject of acting out a fantasy in front of him with the big black stranger, and a turn of very sexy events is set into motion.

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NEW RELEASE: Island Hot Swap

Island Hot Swap by Piquette Fontaine

I’m such a lucky woman. I can’t believe what an exotic vacation this is, my husband and I lounging around at a resort, unwinding with a much-needed and well-deserved break from all our hard work. In many ways, this is like a second honeymoon for the two of us, and we’ve wound up becoming freaky and amorous multiple times throughout the course of the week.

I simply can’t get enough of him, and although I do get a bit of a wandering eye for a member of the resort staff, I feel as happy as can be just being able to have fun with my husband for the first time in a while.

Things take quite the unexpected turn, however, when the two of us go to a couple’s massage, and an interracial menage with our two attractive masseuses is proposed.

This is going to be a vacation to remember…

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NEW RELEASE: My Immortal Amour

My Immortal Amour by Piquette Fontaine

Marc was on a beach, waiting for the first light of the dawn… to end his life. That’s when he saw Shiera for the first time. She didn’t know he was a vampire, and he was about to find out that she was an angel.

Both had a huge vacuum in their extravagant lives, which they filled with happiness and hope as they fell in love. They had some really good times. But now, things are about to change for these star-crossed lovers. Their forbidden relationship has been discovered by their deadly and unforgiving clans. 

And that’s not the only threat looming over Shiera and Marc. One of them has a secret, which can not only crush the other, but also strangle the lovers forever.

Take a journey with Marc and Shiera to witness the most erotic and passionate love affair between a vampire and an angel.

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