NEW RELEASE: Andromeda

Andromeda by Poppy Deveaux

Years ago, Medallion City lost its champion protector, Nova, after a furious battle. Since then, his protege, Andromeda, has taken his place. She’s never felt completely comfortable in the role.
Until now….
Today, she’s not only started coming into her own as a superhero but also as a woman. Passionate desires are flooding her body, but she’s caught in between her two identities, that of Andromeda and that of Clara Cooper.
The handsome detective, Jack Dent, takes a shining to Clara but has a grudge against Andromeda. After an evening of passion, will he still like her when he discovers who she really is?
Then, a new villain terrorizes Medallion City. The more Andromeda corners him, the more she starts to see a new way to punish him for all of his destruction. It is also a way for her to embrace a side of herself that she has always pushed away. A very dirty, sexy, dominating side.
A new style of superhero is about to be born.

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NEW RELEASE: Shifters in the Shadows

Shifters in the Shadows by Poppy Deveaux

Ridge arrives in the town of Smugglers’ Bay for the holidays to renovate a villa with his investor brother. When he arrives he finds that renovations have already begun and his brother Griff has disappeared. His only clue to his brother’s whereabouts is the personal assistant supervising in his absence, Joanna Lee.

‘Jo’ is a sexy beauty with a brain for business and a body made for sin who also has a fetish for red meat and blood red wine and she deftly makes Ridge forget about his painful past.

Ridge learns he is heir to a shocking family heritage and one that can make him immortal — but he must decide between saving the ones he loves and the lure of seductive shifter power, from someone literally who can give him the world.

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Bride To Be by Poppy Deveaux

When Julianna Steward-Smythe agreed to marry the Fourth Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, she didn’t do it for love, only for money.

When the handsome but impoverished carriage driver known only as Jack-o-the-Wheels falls in love with Julianna, he expects it to go unrequited. Attracted to his passion and his desire for adventure, Julianna, much to both of their surprise, falls for him too.

But the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe won’t let his gorgeous young trophy bride fall into the hands of her young lover quite so easily, and he sends his chaperones, and later his thuggish goons after them to thwart their true love.

Lord Chesterton, one of England’s last true gentlemen and dedicated enemy of the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, agrees to help Jack, who is his young ward. Together they hatch a daring plan of deceit and escape, hoping to flee to the romantic new country called America.

Lush descriptions of social scandals, balls, manor houses and green garden estates will transport you to England in the Regency era, a time of great romance and cultural change.

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NEW RELEASE: Lucky Number Three

Lucky Number Three by Poppy Deveaux

Michael is a billionaire who is bored of life and can’t seem to find any satisfaction.

Chris and Sue are childhood sweethearts who have found that life hasn’t worked out as they had hoped. In a valiant gamble to win a fortune they risk everything they have, which only widens the chasm between them. Michael witnesses their act and sees the devastating effect it has on them, but there’s something about them that charms him, and he decides to get to know them better, then offers them a proposition.

Chris and Sue have a secret. Michael sees an opportunity. Are the three of them exactly what they need or are the stakes too high?

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NEW RELEASE: Bearback Mountain

Bearback Mountain by Poppy Deveaux

Natalie is reeling from a sudden and unexpected breakup, so when her friend Cindy comes to her and proposes a hiking weekend she’s reluctant at first, but ultimately decides that it might be good to get away from the city for a while. The only worry is that there have been reports of bear attacks in the area, and although the burly tour guides assure her that there’s nothing to worry about, she’s about to stumble into a world where things are not always as they seem.

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NEW RELEASE: A Billionaire’s Heart

A Billionaire’s Heart by Poppy Deveaux

In the Old American West two people, Jim and Jill, are moving away from their tragic past on to a brighter future. The sun shines brightly over the horizon and there’s a promise of hope in the land of Silvercreek, which they’ve heard is a paradise.

They’ve been traveling for a long time. Their horses are tired and their water is running out. They’ve already lost so much, are they about to lose their lives too?

Well as luck would have have it….

Brandon Grayson, a billionaire (yes, they had these back then), is returning to Silvercreek from a trip. The loneliness of his life is getting to him when his driver sees the wreckage of a crashed wagon. Brandon leaps out of the wagon and runs across the dusty ground to find two broken bodies, barely alive.

What the three of them don’t know is that this chance encounter will change everything, and in ways they cannot imagine. The west was wild, and these people were no exception.

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