FREE Book Giveaway: Hotwife, Cuckold, and Kink Erotica

Hotwife, Cuckold, and Kink Erotica Giveaway

Sometimes your husband just isn’t enough… 

These stories are written to satisfy your urge to let other men take you in any way that they want, while your dutiful husband supports and watches you! Cuckolding is quickly becoming America’s go to fetish and lifestyle choice. These stories will arouse and titillate you as you experience a completely different form of intimacy between these hot wives and their devoted submissive husbands.

This giveaway also contains generally kinky stories to satisfy your desires for something new and different.

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NEW RELEASE: Bloody Secrets

Bloody Secrets by Piquette Fontaine

Amy’s new boyfriend is hiding quite the little secret beneath the surface…

Amy is out on the city streets one night, listening to music and trying to distract herself from her present situation. She recently discovered that her long-time boyfriend and fiance, Steve, was cheating on her, and as penitent as he seems about his betrayal, she can’t decide whether or not she has it within herself to forgive him.

As she’s walking, out of nowhere a mugger strikes, robbing her of her purse and engagement ring. Amy is happy just to have gotten out of it alive, but suddenly a third figure appears, dropping out of the sky, and taking revenge on Amy’s attacker. She loses consciousness, but wakes to find herself face to face with her rescuer, Justin- an absolutely gorgeous specimen of manhood, with dark ebony skin, and fierce, bulging muscles.

All loyalties to Steve seem to fly out the window as she wraps herself up in her rescuer’s arms.

As happy and secure as she feels being with Justin, however, Steve isn’t going to accept Amy’s leaving him gracefully, and using social media, he discovers a secret about her sharp fanged new lover that might threaten the survival of their relationship, or otherwise make it a hell of a lot more interesting.

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WE RECOMMEND: His Little Bad Girl

His Little Bad Girl by Madison Faye

She’s mine, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Her name is Tempest Kensington.

She’s never been touched.

She’s my student, and I want to know how sweet she tastes when she’s claimed for the first time.

I’m her headmaster. I’m twenty years older than her. But damn the implications. Screw the consequences. I know I’m blurring the lines, but I. Do. Not. Care.

Tempest Kensington is a grade-A brat. And she’s about to get a very thick, very firm dose of my discipline – over my knee and on hers.

Barely appropriate. Entirely off-limits. My temptation, my addiction, my obsession. My ruin, in a plaid skirt and knee-high socks.

It’s time for this little tease to learn exactly what happens to bad girls who look for trouble.

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FREE Book Giveaway: Get Cozy with Sweet to Sexy Romance

Get Cozy with Sweet to Sexy Romance Giveaway

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Cozy Menages by Ruby City Books

15 MMF Threesome Romance Short Stories

Cozy Menages

Holiday Menage
The Voyeurs
My Bucket List Series- Deidra’s Dungeon
Taken by my Realtor (Part 1)
His Secret Package
A Night to Remember
I Like To Watch
Swing With Us
Love In An Elevator
Town Of Lust (Part One)
Culinary Menage
Office Party Menage
Laid Off
Menage With My Vampire Boss
Body Swap

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Played (Gridiron Series Book 4) by Jen Frederick

She’s been playing it close…

Ara Martin and college football star Ty Masters have been best friends since the first day of school when Ty literally ran her over. She fell for him immediately, but having lived under the shadow of her famous father, she knows a relationship with irresistible Ty would only end in heartbreak. For four years, she’s kept her feelings hidden. But one drunken encounter weeks before graduation is about to expose Ara’s biggest secret and destroy her most treasured relationship.

He’s been playing for keeps…

Ty is about to be drafted into the NFL, but his personal life is a mess. He’s got an agent he doesn’t like, a brother who can’t stop offering his opinion, and a beautiful woman he craves but can’t have. He can fire his agent and ignore his brother, but he’s not sure what to do about Ara. Ty’s been able to run down every quarterback he’s faced, but his sexy, stubborn best friend keeps slipping through his fingers.

Luckily, he’s not one for giving up, and once he gets his hands on her, he’s never letting go.

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FREE Book Giveaway: Strong Women Who Can Take Care of Themselves

Strong Women Who Can Take Care of Themselves Giveaway

Want to read about strong women who don’t take crap from anyone? Then you’ve come to the right place. Some of the best authors of erotic romance have banded together to bring you this fabulous list of stories… for FREE!

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WE RECOMMEND: The Surprise

The Surprise by Alice Ward

One night. One moment in time can change everything.

One night is all we have together before I leave the country for a year to serve as a physician with Doctors Beyond Borders-mostly to avoid real life obligations. Meeting her, being with her is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before… and probably never will again.

During those few hours together, something grows between us, and although we don’t even know each other’s names, it takes root. It grows. Duplicates.

I know she’s the one. But apparently she doesn’t feel the same. The thing is, she’s not the same as the women before, who only wanted me because I’m a billionaire. She haunts me.

When fate brings me back to the States earlier than expected, I come face to face with her. And the biggest surprise of my life.

Will she allow me to be more than a stranger? Or has one mistake cost me everything?

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NEW RELEASE: A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember by Piquette Fontaine

Normally, I don’t much mind the Christmas season. This year though, I’m not really feeling the holiday spirit quite as much. I’m in my late twenties now, which is far from old, but I’ve been married for almost a decade and both my life and my marriage honestly feel pretty stuck in place. I love my husband, but I’m finding myself with a case of the wandering eye. I’ve always been an attractive woman, at one point even considering a career in modelling, and seeing the men around me always checking me out only serves to remind me of how far from the life I once imagined for myself I’ve fallen.

And, what might be worst of all is the fact that I find my eye wandering in particular to a stud from my church, who flirts with me shamelessly and who I can’t take my eyes off of. Before I can stop myself, the two of us are in one another’s arms, getting all kinds of holly and jolly, and for the next couple of weeks I find myself with just a tad bit more Christmas candy on my hands than I might have imagined. The fling comes to a sudden and unceremonious end one afternoon when I accidentally bring up the subject of my husband in conversation.

That is, until Christmas Eve, when I find out that my husband himself has quite the surprise in store for me…

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