NEW COLLECTION: Menage Addiction

Menage Addiction by Ruby City Books

15 Heat-Raising Stories in One Ultimate Box Set! Fulfill your romantic fantasies with this unbelievable collection of 15 short stories.

Menage Addiction

Holiday Package
Bed, Breakfast and Beyond
Cowboy Seed
Riding the Waves 2
Three In The Bed
Let’s Swing
Menage at Sea
Open House (Part 1)
Taboo Menage
Triple Threat
Open House (Part 2)
Taken On Holiday
Rock & Roll Threesome
Office Party Menage

This eBook is intended for adults only.

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WE RECOMMEND: 5 Bikers for Valentines

5 Bikers for Valentines by Rye Hart

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and the Grove brothers are struck by Cupid.
All five have their sights set on one lucky girl.

They want me to ride them like a Harley.
Five brothers.
Tall. Rugged. Hot as hell.
The sexiest men to walk into my bar.

But their eyes hold a secret.
A wicked fantasy too intoxicating to say.
For a girl like me, that can only mean trouble.

One thing’s for certain…
They’re polluting my mind.
All five of them.
Dirty, kinky, filthy thoughts no girl should have.

They say they’re willing to share…
For a chance to be with me.
That I’m the girl of their dreams.

One night, they stick around my bar to keep me company.
And I can’t deny the rush of excitement pulsing through my body.

Will this be the ride of my life?
Or, will I regret exploring a whole new world?

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WE RECOMMEND: Blackmailed by the Beast

Blackmailed by the Beast by Georgia Le Carre

When I was a child my favorite fairytale was Beauty And The Beast. I dreamed of sacrificing myself for my father, and bravely going to an enchanted castle to live with the Beast. There I gently kissed the beast and transformed him into a handsome Prince.

Now, I’m an adult, and it appears I have somehow wandered into the enchanted mansion of a beast. He is cold and harsh and cannot be transformed with a gentle kiss, but strangely, I don’t want to transform him.
Every single atom in my body, from the tips of my hair to the soles of my feet vibrates, throbs, and calls for my beast to take me … again and again.

Soon the whole world will know my name … but first I have a distraction to deal with. The matter of a manipulative lying little thief.

When I catch up with her, those bright, scheming eyes try their best to work their magic on me. Somebody should have told Chelsea Appleby no one steals from Thorne Blackmore.

She tells me she will pay me back. She is sorry. She wants more time. The problem is I don’t actually need the money back. What I need is to punish her. To possess and own every beautiful inch of her body.

I want to leave my mark on her delicate English skin. Forever.

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Dirty Dancing by Ruby City Books

Spice up your evening (or day) with this exciting collection of naughty romance shorts.

Dirty Dancing

Rock & Roll Threesome
Going Biker
You Only Live Once Series – Little Miss Anal
Island Hot Swap
Billionaire Stepbrother
You Only Live Once Series – Bang! Bang! Bang!
Taboo Menage
Hot Teacher

Receive a very special bonus following the main collection!

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The Baby Plan by Tia Siren

I’m on a mission to have a baby – but I never imagined my fertility doctor would become my baby daddy.
He’s my brother’s best friend.
The man who broke my heart so many years ago.
Now, he wants to give me the one thing I want most in the world. 

My jaw dropped when Lara came into my clinic for treatment.
She wasn’t expecting to see me either.
My best friend’s little sister looked as stunning as the day I went away.
Except for the resentment in her eyes.
She doesn’t know I never wanted to leave her.
Maybe I should tell her what really happened.
She wants a baby?
I’ll give her one.
Skin on skin.
Me inside her.
Her calling my name.
F*ck the IVF program. I’m going to get her pregnant the old-fashioned way…

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WE RECOMMEND: Be Mine… Or Else

Be Mine… Or Else by Alexa Riley

Dove Rosetta is crushing hard on the hot guy she ran in to at the coffee shop. His big build, sharp suits and dark eyes have her flustered, and as luck would have it, they meet by chance every day. She might be innocent, but her thoughts aren’t, and she’s ready for him to make a move.

Beau Heart has been watching her for weeks. It’s no accident that he sees Dove every day and he’s tired of playing it cool. He’s done with gentle and patient. He’s grumpy, and now it’s time for dirty and fast.

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Taken by Logan Chance



Things change. Sometimes not for the better.

Xavier is no longer the maid’s son. Or my best friend. Now he’s wealthy and powerful–the dark don, in charge of one of the largest corporations in the world.

I never expected the boy who always saved me to be the man who kidnaps me.


Some things never change.

Rhiannon is still as fiery and beautiful as the day I walked away. Now I’m back, ready to seek vengeance against the one man who wronged me. My rival. Her father.

If her father wants war, he’ll get a war.

Kidnapping his daughter is the key to my ultimate revenge.

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NEW COLLECTION: Taboo Short Stories

Taboo Short Stories by Ruby City Book

7 Heat-Raising Books in One Ultimate Box Set!

Fulfill your darkest fantasies with this unbelievable collection of dirty little short stories that will heat you up!

Taboo Short Stories 

Hot Neighbor
You Only Live Once Series – I Kissed A Girl
You Only Live Once Series – Black In Back
Body Swap
You Only Live Once Series – Little Miss Anal
Taboo Menage


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