Seduced by Ruby City Books

Fulfill your darkest sensual fantasies with these naughty experiences.


Got Milf?
You Only Live Once Series – Black in Back
Billionaire in my Bed
Let’s Swing
You Only Live Once Series – Pegs and Holes
Taken by my Realtor – Part 2

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WE RECOMMEND: Surprise Package

Surprise Package by Kira Blakely

She needs a fiancé for Christmas, so I’ll pretend.
Hard not to when a gorgeous virgin walks into your strip club.
She’s thinks this is an escort service, and that I’m for hire.
Man is she in the wrong place.

Blair is everything I’m not.
Loving. Gentle. Family girl.
I’m rude, arrogant, and do what the fu@k I want.
Right now, I want her.
So, I’ll play the good fiancé.
Tell the family all the right things.
Kiss her in all the right ways.
And when we’re alone?
I’ll claim that sweet innocence.
Make her soul mine and her body tremble.
I don’t want it to end.
And I damn sure didn’t expect to feel this way.
After this, she’ll have more than just memories.
I have a special gift in mind.

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NEW COLLECTION: For Naughty Women

For Naughty Women by Ruby City Books

7 Heat-Raising Cowboy, Taboo, Voyeur, Comedy and Fetish Books in One Ultimate Box Set!

Fulfill your darkest fantasies with these incredible experiences will heat you up!

For Naughty Women

Double The Wild
Laying The Odds
Speed Mating
I Like To Watch
You Only Live Once Series – Pegs And Holes
The Home Coming
Stepbrother Proposal

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The Baby Pact: A BDSM Romance by Riley Rollins

“Trust me,” he said.
And I did. I surrendered, letting him bind me, letting him tie me.
I submitted. And he left me with a hunger to be dominated,
…a baby growing inside me…
…and a devastating choice to make. 


I’ve worked for six long years, gritting my teeth and making it on my own. I’ve learned how to be a single mommy to my baby girl. And we don’t need anyone now. Neither of us can survive another broken heart.

So I earned my degree and landed one hell of a job. Our luck is turning around, and I can finally give Violet the life she deserves. I’ve put the past behind me…

Except I can’t forget the night Will introduced me to the dark, seductive pleasures of how it feels to give up control.

Tall and powerful, with a confidence that seeps into my veins, he promised to take care of me… And he did. High school prom night… and sweet satin ropes… He bound me to him in ways I’d never imagined, and he was all I ever wanted.

Will created a need inside me only he can satisfy… but all I have left is his memory.

My friend Mattie wants to celebrate graduation with a decadent night at her favorite club… the whole idea scares the hell out of me. But it may be my last chance to relive the past, to feel the sweet freedom of giving up my power. So I screw up my courage… and I put on my mask…

I go to The Underground, where the only secret you can keep is your identity. Everything else gets exposed. Absolutely everything. Your body, your desires, your secrets… and your darkest sins.

Maybe, just maybe… if I give in one last time, I’ll be able to put my Will and my cravings behind me for good.


Angelina was my turning point. My delicate angel. She holds her control so close to her heart… but I taught her the pleasures of surrender… 

From the first time I held her, I knew she was not just mine to pleasure, mine to savor… but mine to protect.

After she ran, it took me six f**king years to find her again. But I did.

My angel, masked at a BDSM club, and wearing sweet pink satin tied around her luscious breasts. It told me everything I needed to know: that she’d never forgotten.

Now she’s ready to be dominated one last time. I’ll make her remember, because I never forgot.

But she trusts no one, and the kind of pleasure I give demands total surrender. Somehow, I have to find a way to reach her…

will own her body…
…because she already owns my soul.

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WE RECOMMEND: Money Can’t Buy Love

Money Can’t Buy Love by Ali Parker

Sometimes love demands a second chance, but it will never be bought, no matter the amount.

Michael Carrington promised himself after losing his wife that he was done with love. No more investing in anything he wasn’t capable of walking away. Sex and high-dollar business deals would become the center of his world. Throw in a touch of danger, and he has all he needs outside of a new assistant.

Rainey Foster has finally graduated college, and as a struggling single mom, she just needs someone to give her a chance. She’s willing to go all in with the right employer, as long as the buck stops there. He can have her time, her commitment and her attention, but no one will ever have her heart again. She thinks she has things figured out until she comes face to face with the illustrious Michael Carrington.

Powerful. Confident. Sexy as Hell.

Lust might ignite the flame between them, but love will have its way.

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NEW COLLECTION: Shifter Fireworks

Shifter Fireworks by Ruby City Books

Looking to add some sizzle to your library? You will find it here with this steamy collection of erotic paranormal stories! If you like sexy werewolf, vampire and angel romances, then this is the collection for you! Hours of heated reading for all your saucy delights.

Shifter Fireworks

Passion Wolf
Immortal Love
Werewolf Delights
Sexy Beast

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WE RECOMMEND: For the Love of an Outlaw

For the Love of an Outlaw by T. S. Joyce

Ava Dorset is back in town on the pleading of her brother. He’s calling in big favors for her to fix the finances of the local Two Claws Ranch, but she’s wary. She hasn’t been back to her small hometown in years because there’s something off about that place. That and Trigger Massey, owner of the Two Claws Ranch, is too mysterious for his own good. There’s something wrong with that man. Too snarly, too moody, and every time he sets his eyes on her, he looks downright hungry. But the more she gets to know him, the more she thinks she might have been wrong about him all this time. Sure, he’s an outlaw, but there is something else he wrestles with. Something monstrous that he’s kept everyone protected from, and her respect for him grows by the day. She can’t afford to fall in love with an outlaw, and especially not one as dangerous as Trigger, but the longer she stays in Darby, Montana, the more she thinks she can handle his life…if she can only survive it.

Trigger’s had his eye on Ava since they were kids, but he made sure she never knew. That beautiful little spitfire was always going to find a big life away from their small town, and away from him. All he wants is to keep her safe, but she’s digging her claws into his ranch and his heart. But Ava doesn’t realize…the real danger to her life…is him.

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NEW RELEASE: The Wife, the T-Rex and the Unicorn

The Wife, the T-Rex and the Unicorn by Stix Hiscock

A pirate’s life is the life for Guadalupe la Concha, as well as her infamous scallywag of a husband, Captain Buggery Bill Biped. The two of them have just pulled off the mission of a lifetime aboard their ship, the Corpulent Eel, raking in a treasure worth such a large fortune that they’ll never have to work again.

Before heading back to port and ending their careers forever, however, they decide to make one last pit stop along the way. They stop at a seemingly uninhabited island listed mysteriously on their map, only to discover a handsome unicorn badass Silvesse the Salacious, buried alive inside the rock wall of a volcanic mountain. They break him out of his fossilized prison, and Buggery Bill commences to develop a fast and genuine interest in the equine newcomer.

Will Buggery Bill’s hidden feelings cause their otherwise perfect marriage to sink like a shipwreck? Or will the presence of this mysterious new stranger add untold new winds into their sails?

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