Laid by Piquette Fontaine

I awake in bed with my boyfriend Kyle, who’s sound asleep, oblivious to my anxieties. He and I initially met through our job, this being our mutually first gay experience, and it just so happens that work is precisely what’s spinning around in my head, disturbing my thoughts.

Times are tough in the corporate world, and imminent layoffs are expected. I can’t help but feel that Kyle and I’s necks are on the chopping block.

Kyle soothes me to sleep with his love and I at last manage to get some rest, only to wake up the next day as anxious as ever.

My blood pressure nearly shoots through the roof, then, when we’re called into our cougar of a boss’s office first thing in the morning- that is, until I find that she’s offering my partner and I an offer most lascivious in exchange for keeping our jobs…

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Baby Wanted by Eva Luxe

My filthy rich, older boss always gets what he wants.
Now he wants my virginity… and a baby.
He’ll pay me well but he demands everything in return.
First, he’ll put his c*ck in me, for my very first time.
Then, he’ll put a baby in me, because he needs an heir.
He’ll also keep me very close, under lock and key.
He says it’s to protect his investment per our contract.
But it’s really because he’s possessive as f*ck.
He wants to claim me, own me, dominate me.
Only for nine months. After I have the baby, we’ll be done.
It’s supposed to be a simple arrangement.
But things have gotten complicated.
Are we both in for more than we bargained for?

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NEW RELEASE: Older Vampiress, Younger Men

Older Vampiress, Younger Men by Piquette Fontaine

You might say I have something of a taste for young blood… But can you blame me? I’m 444 years old! I have to have something to keep me so fresh and vibrant all the time! Okay, so maybe I’m neither that fresh nor vibrant. I’m very attractive to men, but I’m more like something of a VILF- A Vampire I’d Like to- You know… Fadiddle…

The centuries have more or less been good to me, and I’ve largely been able to control my insatiable bloodlust with a far more sensual lust of the flesh. But for the first time in nearly half a millennium, I suddenly find myself absolutely smitten with one of my young prospects, an young honeypot named Kevin, and almost the instant I see him I start to develop a plan that will eventually let me sink my teeth into him…

And well, if you like dirty deeds and vampire innuendos, all I’m gonna say is that you should probably most definitely read this book.

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Big Daddy by Rye Hart

Just like the mountains…
Chance is big. Rugged. And cold.
When the sexy single daddy looks at me…
I can’t help but feel like Little Red Riding Hood.
And that thrilling hunger in his eyes is making me weak.

The women in this small town can’t stop gossiping.
So we’d better give them something to talk about.
I took a leap of faith when I became a tutor for Chance’s little girl.
Little did I know there were a few things he wanted to teach me.
But the skeletons in my closet won’t stay locked away for long.
If I stick around, I’ll put everyone in danger.
If I leave, I’ll lose my one true chance at happiness.

A f*cked up world made me into the man I am today.
All I gave a damn about was my little girl.
Then Dream walked into my life.
She woke up the beast I had locked away.
I knew I had to have her. Own her. Taste her.
And then there’s the way she lights up my little girl.
She doesn’t understand the power she has over me.

But, a man with a death wish wants to harm her.
He has no clue who the f*ck he’s messing with…
I’ll protect Dream and the miracle that’s growing inside her.

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NEW RELEASE: Trapped in the Attic with Two Men

Trapped in the Attic with Two Men by Piquette Fontaine

Casey, Max, and Jeff are three roommates who don’t really get along. As long as they don’t have to share a space for too long, they can survive one another.

But when a zombie apocalypse comes to their neighbourhood and they have to barricade themselves in the attic of their house, they have to learn different methods of survival… methods that are super spicy, super creative, super risky, and incredibly arousing.

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WE RECOMMEND: Unexpected Claim

Unexpected Claim by Alexa Riley

Ivy is looking to break out of her innocent bubble, so she decides going to an adult club with her bestie is the way to do it. She’s nervous and excited, but nothing could compare to the reality she’s confronted with.

Shep’s been totally okay with living his quiet life alone. But his best friend thinks it’s time he changed that. Being dragged into a club wasn’t his idea of fun, but one glance at the snowy angel and he’s done for.

Warning: This book is about grownups doing grown things, so brace yourself! Two virgins walk in… Can you guess how many walk out? One-click to find out!

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Body Swap by Piquette Fontaine

They always say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and that this basic difference in the sexes makes it impossible for members from either one to ever truly see eye to eye about things.

But when the two planets align and young couple Mark and Vera end up miraculously switching bodies, they’re each about to experience things from a very, very different perspective…

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WE RECOMMEND: Baby for My Brother’s Friend

Baby for My Brother’s Friend by Nikki Chase

It was supposed to be a one-night stand. Then, I found out I was pregnant.

A stranger knocked me up. I don’t know his name. I don’t even know what he looks like.

We met in a dark, secret club and he was wearing a mask. That night, I surrendered to his commanding voice and hot, dominant touch . . . then he showed me his true colors.

I don’t think I’ll ever see him again. After what happened, I don’t want to see him again.

But three years later, he storms back into my life.

He shows up like just another one of my brother’s dinner guests, then he drops the bomb. He tells me he knows my secret.

That’s when I recognize those green eyes. That chiseled jawline. That big . . . ego.

The pure, unbridled desire in his gaze makes me want to give in. I want him to tie me up, blindfold me, and . . .

No. It would be wrong. Reckless. How can I trust him, after what he did that night?

But he says he’s not going anywhere. Now that he’s found me and the baby, he wants us to be a family.

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