WE RECOMMEND: Lumber Jacked

Lumber Jacked by Chance Carter

Grady Cole is as rugged as he is sexy. He lives in a remote cabin in the woods with his baby daughter. The last thing he expects is a beautiful, innocent girl, lost and alone, to fall into his life.
But that’s exactly what happens.
Out hunting, he finds a girl unconscious in the snow.

Autumn Lane is nineteen and out on her own for the first time. She’s homesick, vulnerable, and completely alone. When Grady brings her back to his cabin she feels things she never knew she could. She’s attracted to the strong man who has offered her warmth and safety. She wants to feel the touch of his coarse hands on her smooth skin. She wants him to be her first.

Grady craves Autumn like the mountain wolves crave their prey. He knows it’s wrong. She’s nineteen and he’s thirty. She came to him for protection. She trusts him. But he can’t help it. He’s been cold and lonely too long and needs her to keep him warm at night. He wants to devour her, to possess her, to make her cry out his name and beg him to keep going.

Is she the one who can heal his wounds, bring his heart back to life, and give his baby the love and care she so desperately needs?

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WE RECOMMEND: Taking Beauty

Taking Beauty by Nikki Wild

He calls me Beauty…
Bear Dalton is a dangerous man. His wealth, power, and confidence are overwhelming.
And his dominance is intoxicating.
My innocence drives him wild, and my willingness to submit to his dark desires fans the flames higher.
I am his Beauty…
He is my Beast…
He will take me… He will claim me… He will own me…
This is our story.

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Intense by B. B. Hamel

I built my empire the way I live: fast, hard and unrelenting. I’m ruthless and I have no intention of slowing down.
When it comes to sex? There are auctions for my preferences.
I’ve been through too much sh*t in my past to let anyone inside.
At least until I meet her, my pet, my Aria.
Aria radiates innocence, but I sensed the darkness behind those gorgeous eyes and tempting curves the second I saw her. And now I can’t walk away.
I’ll take her, spoil her, and make her beg.
But my enemies are always watching, and they’ll use her against me if they find out.
I can’t stop though. I’m in too deep, too addicted.
I’ve already signed the contract.
And the moment she wrote her name, I just knew it. She was mine to keep.

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WE RECOMMEND: Fire In His Blood

Fire In His Blood by Ruby Dixon

Years ago, the skies ripped open and the world was destroyed in fire and ash. Dragons – once creatures of legend – are the enemy. Vicious and unpredictable, they rule the skies of the ruined cities, forcing humanity to huddle behind barricades for safety.

Claudia’s a survivor. She scrapes by as best as she can in a hard, dangerous world. When she runs afoul of the law, she’s left as bait in dragon territory. She only has one chance to survive – to somehow ‘tame’ a dragon and get it to obey her.

Except the dragon that finds her is as wild and brutal as any other…and he’s not interested in obeying.

What he is interested in is a mate.

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WE RECOMMEND: Vampire Girl

Vampire Girl by Karpov Kinrade

You think it’s safe to walk alone at night. It’s not.
You think the only threat is other humans. It’s not.
Monsters are real. Demons are real. Vampires are real.
And I’m about to become one of them.
My name is Arianna Spero. I was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, until my mother lapsed into a coma. Now, I am her only hope. She made a deal with the devil, and on my 18th birthday he came to collect. But there’s a way to save her. There’s something the princes of hell want more than my mother.
So I signed my soul away and promised to pick a prince to marry. I would take the blood oath, become one of them, and give them an heir. I would become a princess of hell, and my mother would live.
I expected fire and brimstone. I expected pain and misery. I didn’t expect beauty. I didn’t expect magic.
I didn’t expect love.
But the princes are keeping secrets from me.
Secrets that could shatter everything.

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WE RECOMMEND: The Billionaire’s Virgin

The Billionaire’s Virgin by Penny Wylder

I needed money. He wanted my virginity. So I sold it.
If I don’t pay off my piles of debt, I’m going to lose the one thing I care about– my grandmother. She needs a place to live, people to take care of her, and there’s no way I can afford it anymore. But I only have one thing worth any money.
My virginity.
It was a shot in the dark to put it up for auction online. What kind of person would even bid on something as perverted as this?
Pierce Pinewood, that’s who.
He outbid everyone right away, making it clear he wanted to win. I was relieved and terrified all at once, but I figured it was fine, we’d just sleep together and I’d go on my merry way.
So why, even after meeting me, is he waiting to claim his prize?
Pierce is exposing me to money, glamour, a life I never dreamed of. He’s also telling me what lingerie to wear… and what to do with the parts of my body no one is allowed to see. No one but him.
I thought I was selling him one night with me.
I couldn’t have guessed how much of me he really wanted.

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WE RECOMMEND: You Complete Me

You Complete Me by Shanade White

Sabrina loves her job teaching at a progressive school where learning outside the classroom is encouraged.
She’s passionate about all her students’ progress, so when the father of one of her students wants to pull his son out of classes for two weeks, she’s concerned.
Garrett isn’t your average billionaire; handsome, tattooed and deeply connected to his ranching roots, and wants his son to follow in his footsteps.
But Sabrina’s not convinced.
Garrett invites her to bring all the kids down to watch the cows being herded, and eventually she agrees.
Soon Sabrina and Garrett are falling for each other, and the kids are having a wonderful experience on the ranch.
But a serious rainstorm and a conning ex wife threaten their budding romance… and their safety.
Will their love survive?
Find out in this gripping, sexy romance by Shanade White of BWWM Club.

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Big Bad Twins by Tia Siren

Danielle Robicheaux:
Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. Davy. My first love. He joined the Navy, supposedly for three years and was supposed to come back to get me. And now that six years have passed, I guess I’m still waiting for him to walk into my diner.
So as much as I hate this crappy little town, I can’t leave.
Then they walk in the door… The Wolf brothers, identical twin billionaires who are hotter than a bowl of Cajun gumbo and as sexy as New Orleans jazz…
And they have a proposition. One a girl like me MUST refuse.
But it’s not the menage I’m afraid of.
What if I go back to New York with the twins, and Davy comes back for me?

Terry & Tony Wolf:
My brother and I have a motto: you can never have too much money or too much pussy.
Little did we know that when we landed in the Cajun backwater town of Bellegrade, Louisiana, we would find an abundance of both…
Yep. We’re going to bang Danielle – a hot Cajun redhead.
We both knew it the moment we saw her.
But she’s got us questioning our motto.
Will this just be a one night stand? Or will this Cajun redhead be the one who finally gets us to settle down?

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Call Me Daddy by Jade West

I want him to be my first.
I want him to be the one.
I want him to be my everything.

I didn’t expect to spend my eighteenth birthday stranded in the pouring rain with no way to make it home.
I didn’t expect to be rescued from the worst night of my life by the most amazing man I’d ever seen.

His name is Nick, and he says he wants to take care of me, says he’ll look after me, says I don’t need to be alone anymore.

He treats me like a princess, like the fragile little girl he saved from the cold.

But I like him… I like him like that.
I’ve never liked anyone like that before…

And it’s weird, this thing we have…
It’s like I can’t decide how we’re supposed to be… what we are…
Until he says the words…

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WE RECOMMEND: Highland Surrender

Highland Surrender by Tracy Brogan

To seal a fragile truce, Fiona Sinclair’s brothers trade her in marriage to their sworn enemy. Though devastated by their betrayal, she has little choice in the matter, for if she refuses, her innocent young sister must take her place. The spirited Fiona is willing to sacrifice her freedom to protect her kin, but she vows never to surrender her heart.

As the eldest son of a clan chief, Myles Campbell is accustomed to having his own way. But when the king of Scotland commands he wed a defiant Highland lass instead of a French mademoiselle, Myles must obey his royal duty. Meeting his bride for the first time on their wedding day, he is pleased to discover the lass is a beauty, but she quickly proves she’d just as soon kill him as kiss him.

When two such warrior spirits collide, sparks fly, igniting a fiery passion that strains against the bonds of family honor, clan loyalty— and the ultimate surrender—love.

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