NEW RELEASE: Culinary Menage

Culinary Menage by Piquette Fontaine

Riley worked hard to get where she was, the kitchen being her life and food being her passion. She wasn’t about to let anyone stand in her way, especially not someone like Neal Masters.

Sure, she needed the help and he was good at what he did. He had raving reviews and she knew deep down he was just what her kitchen needed. As soon as she first laid eyes on him, she felt a burning spark she couldn’t explain. But she had to be the leader, showing him whose kitchen it really was.

Neal needed this job. He was trying to climb the food industry ladder as best he could and this was just another step closer to his dream of owning his own restaurant one day.

But he knew Riley, his new head chef was one tough cookie the instant he met her. What he didn’t know was how he was going to resist her luscious curves.

He was sure he could win her over with a few of his delicious meals.

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WE RECOMMEND: Forever With You

Forever With You: A Contemporary Romance by Tia Lewis and Penelope Marshall

Being a celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be. The fake people—the paparazzi—the demanding schedule. Fame will slowly kill me if I’m not careful. I’ve got to get away for awhile—some peace in a small town is exactly what I need.

Until her…

I never expected to find Jade, my green-eyed diner girl.

I can’t stop thinking about those damn eyes and her sexy as hell body—a body I just can’t seem to let go of. How can I convince her she’s mine before my fame ruins it all?

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NEW COLLECTION: Ready for a Menage

Ready for a Menage: 30 Threesome Romance Short Stories by Ruby City Books

Looking to add some sizzle to your day? Triple your pleasure with this steamy collection of threesome adventures! If you like cowboy westerns, vampires, billionaires, pregnancy romances, taboos for starters, then this is the dirty menage collection for you! Put your feet up this holiday, you won’t even need a fire. These stories are HOT!


The Red Book (Part 1)
Wave Rider
Wave Rider 2
Closing The Deal (Part 1)
Closing The Deal (Part 2)
Slave To The Pack
Alpha Attraction
Big Black Cuckold
My Bucket List Series – Little Miss Anal
Billionaire Boss
My Bucket List Series – I Kissed A Girl
Treasure Hole
Superpower Threesome
Taboo Menage
My Bucket List Series – Then Comes Marriage
Ghost in Our Bed
Reno This
Dark Temptation (Book #1)
Dark Temptation (Book #2)
Dark Temptation (Book #3)
Apparition Threesome
Rule Breakers (Part 1)
Billionaire Stepbrother
Got Milf?
Ghosts Inside
Menage at Sea
Taken By Two Ghosts
Stepbrother Proposal
Laying The Odds
Taken By The Ranchers

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We Recommend: Pierce Me

Pierce Me: Satisfied by the Bad Boy by Simone Sowood  and Victoria King

I had a crush on her all the way through grade school
When Eloise walks into my tattoo parlor, she thinks she knows what she’s after – a piercing to help take her where no man ever has.
But I don’t want to help her the way she thinks.
The last time I saw her was seventh grade, when my life was falling apart.
Now she has the same cute pony tail as always but the rest of her grown up body makes me hard just looking at it.
Forget the past. I’ll give her a piercing all right, and it will be the deepest one of her life.
Never had an O, welcome to Oh My God!

NEW RELEASE: Up and Down Dog

Up and Down Dog: MFF Threesome Romance by Piquette Fontaine

Add some heat to your day with this unbelievable short story. This menage romance will scorch you!

Toni has a good life with one exception – Denise, her nemesis neighbor. After an unfortunate incident with potato salad left the two of them in a frenzy, they are continually and tirelessly trying to outdo one another. The competition becomes all consuming and enters every aspect of their lives.

This leads to yoga class where they both take a shining to the hot male yoga instructor. Things soon get heated and there’s only one way they can decide who is better. This fight will take place in the bedroom. Who will win this epic battle of skill and passion? And who will get tossed out of bed?


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We Recommend: Sharing Beauty

Sharing Beauty (Possessing Beauty Book 3) by Madison Faye

Twice the Prince Charming, twice the happy ever after. Right?

They’re rich, gorgeous, and dominantly possessive. Their name is Charming, and they’re actual, honest-to-goodness royal princes.

Oh, and they’re twins.

It’s every princess’s fantasy to think about finding her prince charming, but what happens when she finds two of them? Literally.

They both want me. And they’ve made it perfectly clear that they come as a package deal. Two mouths. Four demanding, powerful hands. Two huge -uh- crown jewels?

“Scandalous” doesn’t even begin to cover what the tabloids would say about this.

I was burned one time before, but maybe “one” is my problem. Maybe it takes twice the man, or men, to make this fairytale complete?

Maybe I’m about to take on more trouble than I know what to do with, and maybe I’ll just end up getting royally screwed.

No, scratch that. I’m definitely about to get royally screwed…

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NEW RELEASE: Immortal Love

Immortal Love: An Angel and Vampire Romance by Piquette Fontaine

Marc was on a beach, waiting for the first light of the dawn… to end his life. That’s when he saw Shiera for the first time. She didn’t know he was a vampire, and he was about to find out that she was an angel.

Both had a huge vacuum in their extravagant lives, which they filled with happiness and hope as they fell in love. They had some really good times. But now, things are about to change for these star-crossed lovers. Their forbidden relationship has been discovered by their deadly and unforgiving clans.

And that’s not the only threat looming over Shiera and Marc. One of them has a secret, which can not only crush the other, but also strangle the lovers forever.

Take a journey with Marc and Shiera to witness the most erotic and passionate love affair between a vampire and an angel.

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We Recommend: Wanted By The Devil

Wanted By The Devil by Joanna Blake

I’ve waited years for her to grow up. Now it’s time. I won’t be gentle and I won’t be kind. I’m taking what is mine.

Wherever I went, I heard it: the sound of a purring motorcycle behind me. They never bothered me or said a word. But I knew they were there because of him. Devlin McRae, the head of the local MC.
Being followed all the time like this was disconcerting. And lately, the bikes had been getting closer, less secretive, more obvious. What would I do if Devlin ever caught me?

The first time I saw her she was too young.
I had to wait. I hated it, but I’d promised her mother I would wait for her to grow up. The sweet little waitress from Mae’s diner was going to be mine.

She just didn’t know it yet.

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NEW RELEASE: Duping the Earl

Duping the Earl: Erotic Regency Romance by Poppy Deveaux


Full of sensual romance, fast-paced action, exotic locations and unforgettable characters, Duping the Earl will appeal to fans of historical romances and erotic adventures.

Duping the Earl

When Julianna Steward-Smythe agreed to marry the Fourth Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, she didn’t do it for love, only for money.

When the handsome but impoverished carriage driver known only as Jack-o-the-Wheels falls in love with Julianna, he expects it to go unrequited. Attracted to his passion and his desire for adventure, Julianna, much to both of their surprise, falls for him too.

But the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe won’t let his gorgeous young trophy bride fall into the hands of her young lover quite so easily, and he sends his chaperones, and later his thuggish goons after them to thwart their true love.

Lord Chesterton, one of England’s last true gentlemen and dedicated enemy of the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, agrees to help Jack, who is his young ward. Together they hatch a daring plan of deceit and escape, hoping to flee to the romantic new country called America.

Lush descriptions of social scandals, balls, manor houses and green garden estates will transport you to England in the Regency era, a time of great romance and cultural change.

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We Recommend: Lovestruck

Lovestruck: A Romantic Comedy Standalone by Lila Monroe

“Never mind ‘armed and dangerous’, this man’s abs should carry a warning. Alert: chiseled abs up ahead! May cause embarrassing public displays of desire.”

Will Cassidy is hot, infuriating, and the guy behind the biggest heart-stomping humiliation of my life. He’s also hosting my BFF’s destination wedding at his super-luxe tropical resort, so short of a hurricane or outbreak of the plague (here’s hoping), I’m stuck within t̶o̶n̶g̶u̶e̶’s̶ arm’s reach of him for the next seven days.

But I’m not a naive college girl anymore, and there’s no way I’m falling for his (many) charms again. I just have to ignore the romantic wedding shenanigans, his miraculous abs, all those intimate beach sunsets… And did I mention those abs?

Maybe a wild vacation fling is exactly what I need to even the score… But between the scorching chemistry and all-inclusive margaritas, I’m getting drunk on love. Which definitely isn’t part of the plan.

Can I keep my heart zipped – even if my bikini bottoms are lost somewhere on that nude beach? And how do you let go of the past when you’re holding on tight to the past’s (very ripped) torso?

Find out in the sexy, hilarious new romantic comedy from Lila Monroe!

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