Lucky Charm by Eva Luxe

She needs a fake fiance. I’m just the Irish guy to play the part.
One day I’m at Starbucks, minding my own business, studying for an audition.
Suddenly a gorgeous stranger heads straight to my table.
She says her name is Hazel.
That her ex cheated on her with her best friend.
And that they’ve both just entered the coffee shop!
“Please pretend to be my boyfriend so I don’t seem so pathetic,” she asks.
Well, I’m an actor, aren’t I?
I brought my fortune to New York City from Ireland to pursue my dreams.
How can I resist the pleading from those pretty eyes that match her name?
And there’s no way my c*ck can ignore her plump @ss and curvy hips.
“I’ll do you one better,” I tell her. “Let’s pretend we’re engaged.”
It’s so much fun, we keep it up.
But we’re not really getting married on St. Patrick’s Day like we tell everyone, are we?
Maybe I’m playing the role a bit too well, because I find myself believing it’s real.

NEW RELEASE: Pegs And Holes

Pegs And Holes by Piquette Fontaine

Do you ever just get bored with life? I did. I started realizing one day that I’d fallen into a monotonous routine of work, work, work, without any joy, and it was beginning to take its toll on me.

My love life had flatlined over the past several months, and I was realizing that my best years were slipping through my fingers. And that’s when the idea of a bucket list hit me….you know, writing down the stuff you want to do before you keel over, so you can carefully schedule some fun within the otherwise nonstop misery of your existence on this Earth. And I started to develop my own sort of list, only it was a bit dirtier in nature than you might otherwise encounter…

Fetishes, you might say, things I’d only ever dreamed of trying, but that I now planned to pursue with vigor. New positions, new techniques, new people, other women, multiple men etc… My humdrum life was about to get a lot more interesting…

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NEW RELEASE: Billionaire Bad Boys

Billionaire Bad Boys by Ruby City Books


Lose yourself in the heat of the moment with this arousing collection of bisexual threesome romance short stories.

Billionaire Bad Boys

Going Biker
Open House (Part 1)
Open House (Part 2)
Hot Teacher
Against All Odds
Twice The Bite
Billionaire Stepbrother
Love In An Elevator

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WE RECOMMEND: For the Soul of an Outlaw

For the Soul of an Outlaw by T. S. Joyce

Genie isn’t what people expected. She isn’t just a squirrel, but a shifter in hiding named Tenlee. She’s dug herself into a deep hole, and now her past has come back to haunt her and hurt her friends in the Two Claws Clan. Not only that, but the man she loves had left the ranch, and left her in despair. The fury of the crows is growing by the day, and she could end this war by simply turning herself in. But when mountain lion shifter, Kurt, comes back, it’s not so simple to leave. Now she has someone to stay for..and also someone to fight for.
Kurt is a simple man. He wants his son to be safe, his friends to be happy, and he wishes he could live to see both. He’s done something that has poisoned him though, something that ended his old Clan, and now the consequences are steep. But when he finds a girl trespassing on Two Claws land, the course of his life is changed forever. He was wrong about Genie. And though her secrets run deep, and she feels dangerous, there is something about the wild beauty that has his heart racing. And now life isn’t so simple. He still wants his son to be safe, and his friends to be happy, but now he’s desperate to save himself and get to know the mysterious shifter who has completely stolen his heart.

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NEW RELEASE: Triple Overtime

Triple Overtime by Ruby City Books

Triple your pleasure with this steamy collection of adventures! If you like cowboy westerns, vampires, billionaires, pregnancy romances, or taboos (for starters), then this is the prefect dirty collection for you!

Triple Overtime

Let’s Swing
The Perfect Gift
Moonlight Desires (Book #1)
Moonlight Desires (Book #2)
Moonlight Desires (Book #3)
Taken By Two Ghosts
Triple Threat
Stepbrother Proposal
Haunted by Desire
Billionaire Boss
Pregnant By My Big Black Cuckold
Forbidden Love in the Wild West
Taken On Holiday
Creaming On The Law
Ghost in Our Bed
Interracial Love Affair
Sexy Beast
Open House (Part 1)
Open House (Part 2)
Alpha Lust
Billionaire Bed Mate
Fill My Hole
Superpower Threesome
Taboo Menage
Dirty Secrets
Savage Urges
Treasure Hole
The Home Coming
Against All Odds
Cowboy Seed

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Craft by Adriana Locke

They’re not quite enemies. Not really friends. More like frustrated balls of sexual tension and neither will give in.

Lance Gibson drives Mariah Malarkey absolutely crazy. He uses her office like a phone booth, takes cupcakes from the corner of her desk like she baked them just for him. She didn’t. Maybe she knew the history teacher happened to love peanut butter icing, but that was purely a coincidence. All sixteen times.

Mariah has a way of getting under Lance’s skin too. She calls him out on his crap, spoils him even if inadvertently, and seeing the librarian in skirts drives him wild. She won’t give in. It’s for the best, really, considering there’s no way he could lie to a woman like that and he’s not about to tell her the truth about himself. Not in a million years.

These two don’t hate each other. They don’t really like each other. But for this to be a friends-to-lovers story, they have to start somewhere, right?

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NEW COLLECTION: Take Me By Surprise

Take Me By Surprise by Ruby City Books

Six deliciously dirty romantic experiences that will heat you up! 

Take Me By Surprise

I Like To Watch
You Only Live Once Series – Then Comes Marriage
Island Hot Swap
You Only Live Once Seriess – Public Porking
The Home Coming
Pregnant By My Big Black Cuckold

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WE RECOMMEND: Until Harmony

Until Harmony by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Harmony Mayson isn’t the kind of girl to take unnecessary risk, but after meeting Harlen MacCabe, she starts to wonder if maybe she should be. The more time she spends with the wild and free biker, the more she starts to crave the freedom he gives her… And even more, she starts to crave him.

Harlen lives his life on his own terms. After losing both his parents at an early age to a robbery gone bad, he knows how precious life is, and he’s determined to get as much out of it as he can. When he runs into the beautiful Harmony and finds out she’s moving to town, he knows it’s time to take his shot. She thinks he only wants to be friends, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

What Harmony and Harlen don’t know is that their time might be cut short. Revenge is in the air, and someone won’t stop until a debt is settled.

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Let You Go by Jaxson Kidman

After our first kiss, he moved away.

After our first time together, he confessed it wasn’t his first time.

After buying me my first drink, he said he was with someone else… but still loved me.

Now I’m staring at two pink lines on a pregnancy test… and the number he gave me to call?

It’s been disconnected. Great.

This is a full length, stand alone novel. And when you’re done, make sure you check out my other books:
  •  Dear Everly,
  • Anna’s Dress
  • In Her Words
  • Our Last Road

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NEW RELEASE: Speed Mating

Speed Mating by Piquette Fontaine

I feel like my life is stalling somewhat… I’m in my mid-twenties, which should be about the prime of my life, but I spend all my time being shy and bookish and never getting out and having any fun. I go to talk to an old friend about this, and she suggests that romance might just be what my life is missing. She says I should attend this speed dating event she saw a listing for in the local paper, and I decide that maybe I would enjoy going and seeing if I have any luck with things.

The only thing is, it turns out that my friend misread the listing in the paper, and that the event is actually a thing called “Speed Mating,” where kinky adults go from room to room and indulge their miscellaneous fantasies. And though I’m hesitant about the concept at first, I begin to think that maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what I need to help bring a bit of taboo excitement back into my life…

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