NEW RELEASE: Hold The Door For Me

Hold The Door For Me by Piquette Fontaine
“Could you hold that door for me please?”
Eight simple little words, inherently harmless, but they’re about to change the course of my life in a way I might never have expected. I’m a successful woman, with a high paying, respectable job, but at present I find myself in a broken down elevator, stuck between two men who happen to have held very similar, but distinct roles in my life.
On my right, Harry, my superior, an older gentleman who seduced me during my early days at the company, and who taught me everything I know.
On my left, Mark, my subordinate, who shares an equivalent role in my life, sexually and professionally.
And as the three of us remain trapped in the tension of our extended elevator ride, things began to grow very, very complicated for us…


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Dragon Riding
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Swing With Us
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Dirty Deeds by Lauren Landish

It’s wrong, but feels so right.
For months, I’ve watched her. I know she’s off-limits, but she’s so sweet, so innocent… and so sexy that she haunts my dreams.
Maggie doesn’t belong in this world, this seedy underbelly of the city. But there she is, my Angel with her wide eyes behind her nerdy glasses. So, when she needs help, I’m the only one who can protect her.
It didn’t even take a single kiss for me to fall in love with her. I know I shouldn’t—a man like me doesn’t deserve an Angel. I’ll hurt her, break her… ruin her. Still, I can’t help myself.
She’s going to regret this later, regret me and probably even hate me. But I’m a selfish man, and if she wants this now, I’ll give it to her. I’ll give her everything.

WE RECOMMEND: Giving Her My Baby

Giving Her My Baby by Alexa Riley

Brooks Renshaw has little time on his hands to deal with problems. But when his mom shows up after a weekend in Vegas married to someone he’s never met, he decides to do some digging. Turns out she’s hitched herself to a con artist with a trail of bad debts and abandoned women along the way. When Brooks finds out his new stepdad has a daughter, he decides to look into her, too. Only when he finds his new stepsister, he’s ready to give her exactly what she wants.
Eleanor works as a live-in baby nurse for new mothers. But her need to have a baby of her own has led her to take matters into her own hands. It’s not the ideal situation, but she can’t wait on Mr. Perfect any longer. But one phone call about a final job may change all her carefully made plans.

WE RECOMMEND: The Hardest Fall

The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise

The first time you meet someone, you make eye contact. You smile, say hello. Should be simple, if you’re anyone but me. The first time I met Dylan Reed, I found myself making eye contact with a different part of his body. You see, I’m very good at being shy, not to mention extremely well-versed in rambling nonsense and, unfortunately, rather highly skilled at making a fool of myself in front of a guy I’m attracted to.
At the time, I knew nothing about him and thought none of what I said would matter since I’d never speak to him again. Turns out, I was very wrong. He was the star wide receiver of the football team, one of the few players expected to make it into the NFL, and I ended up seeing him all over campus.
I might have also propositioned him, run away from him, attacked him with a cooking utensil…and…uh, maybe I shouldn’t tell you all of it. It’s pretty normal stuff, things you’d expect…from me. Eventually, the time came when I couldn’t hide anymore–not that he’d have let me even if I tried.
Before now, he never knew I was secretly watching him. Now that we see each other every day, he knows when I have a hard time looking away. It doesn’t help that I’m not the most subtle person in the world either.
He smiles at me and tells me he finds me fascinating because of my quirks. I can’t even tell him that I think my heart beats differently whenever he’s around.
He thinks we’re going to be best friends. I think I have a big thing for him, and the more I get to know him, the more I don’t care that I’m not allowed to be his friend, let alone fall for him.
The thing is, that’s exactly what I’m doing–what we’re doing, I think.

NEW RELEASE: Journey To Climax

Journey To Climax by Ruby City Books

Some really spicy tales of erotic menages and creatures so hot they’ll have you thinking about joining the parallel world. It’s pretty hot over here.
Journey To Climax
My Boss’ Secret
Half-Man, Half-Horse – All Love
Taken By The Ghosts
Alien Stripper Boned From Behind By The T-Rex
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NEW RELEASE: Three in the Bed Ain’t Bad

Three in the Bed Ain’t Bad by Piquette Fontaine

Lana Tucker had it all. She had a loving husband and a Bed & Breakfast in Cape Cod. This has always been her dream until one day her nightmare comes to life – her husband dies. Two years later, her business is not thriving, her late husband’s brother is trying to get her to marry him and her cook quits. What else could go wrong?
Lance Foster needs to get out of New York City to finish his latest cookbook. When his best friend tells him of a Bed and Breakfast in need of a cook, he decides to apply for the job. The location is perfect and it will allow him time to test his recipes and finish his cookbook without pressure.
When Lana and Lance meet, sparks fly. Now Lana has to thwart the advances of both her late husband’s brother and her new cook. Or maybe she will take on the two eager men at once?
In Cape Cod, things are just starting to get spicy.

NEW RELEASE: Saved by the Billionaire

Saved by the Billionaire by Poppy Deveaux

In the Old American West two people, Jim and Jill, are moving away from their tragic past on to a brighter future. The sun shines brightly over the horizon and there’s a promise of hope in the land of Silvercreek, which they’ve heard is a paradise.
They’ve been traveling for a long time. Their horses are tired and their water is running out. They’ve already lost so much, are they about to lose their lives too?
Well as luck would have have it….
Brandon Grayson, a billionaire (yes, they had these back then), is returning to Silvercreek from a trip. The loneliness of his life is getting to him when his driver sees the wreckage of a crashed wagon. Brandon leaps out of the wagon and runs across the dusty ground to find two broken bodies, barely alive.
What the three of them don’t know is that this chance encounter will change everything, and in ways they cannot imagine. The west was wild, and these people were no exception.


Royal Heir by Ruth Cardello

Rachelle Westerly needs a break. After years of acting as the family peacekeeper, she’s finally ready to take a step back. Her movie-star brother has offered her the perfect escape. But on the very first day of her vacation, she steps onto a red carpet and straight into the arms of a real-life prince—and the promise of just the kind of flash and fortune that tore her own family apart.
As the soon-to-be leader of Vandorra, Prince Magnus de Bartelebon always gets what he wants—and the regal bad boy wants the sweet American schoolteacher. Although he should be announcing his engagement of convenience to a neighboring princess, Rachelle is the one he desires in his bed and by his side.
While the drop-dead gorgeous Magnus might be almost everything she craves, Rachelle can’t help but think that falling for him would be a royal mistake. He may be ruling a kingdom one day, but she’s in charge of her heart. And he’ll have to win it with more than a lap of luxury—as inviting as it is.