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A Cold Night with Hot Santa by Sloane Peterson

When your parents name you Mary Christmas, most people expect you to have at least a little bit of a holiday spirit.

But not me. I’m working late at the veterinary clinic on Christmas Eve, alone with myself and a building full of animals-
exactly the way that I like it.

Things take an unexpected turn, however, when a crazy man shows up outside the doors to the clinic.

He claims that his name is Chris Cringle, and he wants me to do a checkup on one of his sick reindeer…

I know, right?

But I find myself strangely drawn in by this man. It doesn’t hurt that I’m totally alone on Christmas, and even if this guy is insane, he also happens to be insanely handsome.

He’s strong, sharp cheeked, blue eyed, and silver haired. I feel a strange attraction to him, a pull unlike any I’ve ever experienced toward any other man.

He must feel the same way towards me, I decide, because in no time at all he’s bamboozled me into joining him on his sleigh, accompanying him on his mission to spread joy to children all over the world.

It might be crazy, but I think I’m about to have the very best Christmas of my entire life…



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Highway Driver by Sloane Peterson

On the road again… It seems like these days my baby is always on the road.
I don’t know what I expected marrying a trucker, and I guess I don’t really have a whole lot of room to complain.
I mean, he always takes care of me.

But with a baby on the way, I’m starting to wonder whether that’s enough. Whether I can handle raising our child alone, with a father who is never around. Or whether the loneliness will ultimately get to me in the end.

I’m really not sure.

Tonight, really, should be just another night…..

I’m sitting it out in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm worrying about him.
I’m also worried about a serial killer who is on the loose in the midwest, murdering people right and left. 

But that shouldn’t really affect me, should it? 

Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Or maybe this morning’s goodbye to my husband was my last…


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Body Swap

They always say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and that this basic difference in the sexes makes it impossible for members from either one to ever truly see eye to eye about things.

But when the two planets align and young couple Mark and Vera end up miraculously switching bodies, they’re each about to experience things from a very, very different perspective…


Island Hot Swaps

I’m such a lucky woman. I can’t believe what an exotic vacation this is, my husband and I lounging around at a resort, unwinding with a much-needed and well-deserved break from all our hard work. In many ways, this is like a second honeymoon for the two of us, and we’ve wound up becoming freaky and amorous multiple times throughout the course of the week.

I simply can’t get enough of him, and although I do get a bit of a wandering eye for a member of the resort staff, I feel as happy as can be just being able to have fun with my husband for the first time in a while.

Things take quite the unexpected turn, however, when the two of us go to a couple’s massage, and an interracial menage with our two attractive masseuses is proposed. This is going to be a vacation to remember…


I Like To Watch

I’m in something of a dry spell… I miss having romance in my life after so long of being caught up in the routine of everyday life, so long removed from any action whatsoever that I’m not fully confident I can get back into the swing of things even if I try to.

I come up with an idea, however, resorting to the internet to post an online personal ad that voices my wish to act as a voyeur to a series of couples during their bedroom intimacies. I’m hoping that, as the series of peep shows progress, from a lesbian couple to two ripped men to at last a devilishly attractive heterosexual man and woman, I’ll at last manage to work up the nerve to get involved more directly in the proceedings, and have just a bit of lascivious fun of my own…


Older Woman, Younger Men

Karen is in her forties, and is growing tired of living in a neighbourhood with a bunch of other men and women her age who act as though they’re in their last years of life. Everyone around her is boring, prudish, and seemingly disdainful of anything whatsoever that smells even faintly like fun. What she really wants is some young blood to help revitalize her in this dead-end place, and her wish comes true in the form of an eighteen-year-old college student named Kevin who moves in next door. The two of them become intimate quickly and regularly, and the next three weeks are some of the best of her recent life.

Soon, though, his college housemates move in, and their antics become so loud and so unruly that Karen is chosen by her neighbours to go and confront them about their disruptive nature. In a houseful of seven guys, however, Karen quickly finds that she’s about to become hugely re-educated in the ways of physical lust…

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The Billionaire Bachelor


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Mated for Life by Sloane Peterson

I want a man who can make me howl at the moon. 
He wants a woman who can help save him from himself… 

It’s my last night of college, and I’m stressed beyond relief.
I’m out at a bar studying for my final exam. 

I’m at the end of my rope, when suddenly a man approaches me. 
A strange man. 
A handsome man… 

The two of us quickly fall into conversation together, bonding over our love of classic literature. 

I can’t believe our chemistry- I’ve never been with a man before, in my entire life.

But tonight, is my last chance to experience the famed college hookup, so when this incredible man invites me to go back to his hotel room with him, how can I possibly say no? 

Things all go haywire the next morning, when I wake up and discover a set of strange symbols tattooed onto my wrists, and I’m certain that this strange man did it to me while I was asleep. 

I panic, and run off in a fit of rage, never wanting to see this stranger again. 

But I’m about to discover that the bond we share can’t be gotten rid of quite so easily. 
And I’m about to find out that the two of us have a lot more in common than we know… “


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Lockdown with My Billionaire Boss by Sloane Peterson

There are days when this new normal feels like no normal at all. But when I end up in lockdown with my insanely hot billionaire boss, I start to think maybe I can make the best of a bad situation…

Heartbreak is never easy.
Even breaking up with someone you were never really meant to be with can be painful.

I thought Dennis and I would end up married one day.
But instead he dumps me at a sushi restaurant.

I try to stay positive, and appreciate the ups of being newly single.
But then this whole stupid pandemic comes along, and more than anything I hate spending so much time on my own.

I’m getting restless, when one day I strike up an interesting conversation with my boss.
He’s a hot tech industry billionaire, who I find out is recently single as well since the start of the pandemic.

After a few days texting back and forth, the two of us come up with a tantalizing arrangement to help us survive through lockdown…

Soon my wildest dreams have all come true.
I’m making love with my boss in the lap of his luxurious penthouse, and living a life of grandeur unlike anything I’ve ever imagined for myself.

Only I’m about to find, emotions can get in the way of even the sweetest affairs.
And now I’m wondering whether these new feelings I’m experiencing can possibly survive through the end of the pandemic…


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