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A Cold Night with Hot Santa by Sloane Peterson

When your parents name you Mary Christmas, most people expect you to have at least a little bit of a holiday spirit.

But not me. I’m working late at the veterinary clinic on Christmas Eve, alone with myself and a building full of animals-
exactly the way that I like it.

Things take an unexpected turn, however, when a crazy man shows up outside the doors to the clinic.

He claims that his name is Chris Cringle, and he wants me to do a checkup on one of his sick reindeer…

I know, right?

But I find myself strangely drawn in by this man. It doesn’t hurt that I’m totally alone on Christmas, and even if this guy is insane, he also happens to be insanely handsome.

He’s strong, sharp cheeked, blue eyed, and silver haired. I feel a strange attraction to him, a pull unlike any I’ve ever experienced toward any other man.

He must feel the same way towards me, I decide, because in no time at all he’s bamboozled me into joining him on his sleigh, accompanying him on his mission to spread joy to children all over the world.

It might be crazy, but I think I’m about to have the very best Christmas of my entire life…