NEW RELEASE: Half-Man, Half-Horse, All Love

Half-Man, Half-Horse, All Love by Stix Hiscock

No one ever said that the life of a fairy pixie mushroom farmer and unicorn rancher would be an easy one. And I should know. Because I am a fairy pixie mushroom farmer and unicorn rancher. And my life isn’t easy.

I spend all my time alone on the farm with my Pa, who’s very protective of me, and won’t let me go out and find true love like I secretly wish to. That all changes one night when a tentacle vampire attacks our barn, and kills one of our unicorns. Pa sends me to an auction in town to go and get a replacement for our loss, but I’m swept up with passion at the moment a centaur walks up on stage- half man, half horse, and completely dazzling…

The two of us share a moment, and I bid on him before I can stop myself. I use the defense that he’ll be able to ward off any future attacks from tentacle vampires, and Pa reluctantly accepts it. But really, my ulterior motive as I ride him back to the farm is that I want him to ride me- hard… And bareback… Is this the true love I’ve been seeking for so long?

Special bonus included with this fantasy story.

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