NEW RELEASE: Bad Boy Bikers

Bad Boy Bikers by Piquette Fontaine

Cooper Riggs is all about women, riding his bike, new tattoos, and getting into bar fights. Good thing his father is friends with the head chief or his record would be a lot worse. He ignores his parents wishes meet a nice girl, grow up and get a life. Instead, he throws himself into his job as a tattoo artist, working hard all day, and then partying all night.

Lyssa Jones is a good girl through and through. Her bff even calls her Goodie Lyssa. And she’s right, Lyssa doesn’t get into trouble, never has, never will. She barely drinks or parties. She was a bookworm throughout school and even through college, taking her studies very seriously.

Now she is a pediatric ER nurse, the thrill of the ER being all the excitement she needs in her life. She wants to do good and save lives.

But when her sister has a wild bachelorette party and she meets Cooper, her world is turned upside down.

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