WE RECOMMEND: Hard Shelter

Hard Shelter by Nicole Stewart

Lochmann McCaughey, a sexy street artist, needs more than a roof over his head; he needs a lucky break. But his attraction to the manager of The Healing Hut shelter is an unexpected development for a guy who got kicked out of the family home for being gay. Zoe Willis is far too smart and too beautiful to be interested in him. So, why can’t he convince her of that?

Zoe Willis has a heart of gold to match her rose-colored glasses. Unfortunately, she has no head for business, and she’s running her late father’s homeless shelter into the ground. She needs a bail-out from sexy celebrity benefactor, Daxton Kerr, who can’t seem to keep his hands off her or Loch. The situation intensifies when a close working relationship with both men develops into so much more. While she may be reaching new heights of sexual satisfaction with the bad boy and the artist, she may also be losing focus of the task at hand.

Hollywood bad boy actor Daxton Kerr is only out to rejuvenate his failed career. A famous bad boy with a history of breaking hearts and forgetting names, Dax is filming a documentary of his transformation of The Healing Hut, and he has plans for the place that don’t necessarily include providing shelter for the poor. He’s in it to help himself. Dax knows audiences love a good villain, but falling for Zoe and Loch could get in the way of his ability to use them for his own gain. The last thing this millionaire alpha male wants to do is develop true feelings for two lovers, but he may not be able to avoid it.

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