NEW RELEASE: I’m With The Band

I’m With The Band by Piquette Fontaine

I guess it’s true what they always say- never mate your heroes. I learn that lesson the hard way, when I get the chance to go backstage and meet my favorite band, Spyyyke, in person, thanks to a V.I.P. ticket I win through a radio trivia contest.

My idol, the sexy and emotional drummer, lyricist, and sometimes-vocalist of the band, Adam Hart, quickly shows interest in me. It’s like a dream come true when he invites me back to bed with him, and the two of us engage in a night of sweet, passionate lovemaking. I’m extremely satisfied with the way things are going, and the band even invites me to come on tour with them.

However, gradually I begin to feel that the sensitive Adam is a just a tad bit too gentle and tender in his bedroom habits, and I find my eyes wandering to the band’s lead singer and guitarist, sexy bad boy Blake Savage.

Will I be able to choose between following my heart to Hart and following my urges to the appropriately named Savage? Or, in the end, will I have to make any choice at all in the matter?

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