Tech Bear by Scarlett Grove

An unexpected discovery …
Lifelong techies Raven and Damien have been online video-game friends for years. When Damien asks Raven to sign up for a shifter-human dating website, she learns that the man she’s been crushing on all this time is her fated mate — and the cop whose database she’s been hacking in search of her long-lost mother.

A difficult delay …
Damien is thrilled to learn that Raven is meant to be his. He’s been waiting so long to find his mate, and it’s all he can do not to buy a ring and pop the question so they can settle down and start a family. Patience isn’t easy, but he’ll find it for the woman of his dreams.

A deepening mystery
Raven can’t surrender her heart until she understands who she is. As her quest for answers brings her closer to the truth, can she trust her mate with her secret? Or will it keep them apart forever?

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