WE RECOMMEND: Billionaire Christmas

Billionaire Christmas by Claire Adams

Logan Moreau had everything. He was a 37 year old billionaire with a successful company. He had a family that adored him and he could have any woman in Manhattan whenever he wanted her. The only thing he didn’t have was the one thing that could keep him from losing all of that, legal citizenship in the United States. Logan’s visa was about to permanently run out and he had to think of a way to stay in the country or be forced to be separated from his family and leave everything he’d worked so hard for behind. When his PA suggests he gets married, he thinks she’s lost her mind. When she hires an intern from the Midwest specifically for that purpose, he laughs it off. But the closer it gets to having to leave the more he begins to panic and think that getting married wasn’t the worst idea after all. Especially since the intern Chloe happens to be hot and smart and everything else he’d ever think of looking for in a woman.

Chloe Dupree is a fresh out of college girl from a farm in Minnesota. She’s in New York for the first time in her life, alone and in a world she’ll have to struggle to understand. She knows she’s out of place at the big Manhattan firm she landed an internship at, but she’s confident in her ability to do the job and that’s all she’s here for. At least that’s what she thought until she laid eyes on Logan Moreau. He’s the hottest thing she’s ever seen and on top of that he’s kind and generous and for reasons she can’t understand, interested in her. Chloe struggles with being suspicious of his motives while at the same time falling more deeply in love with him by the day.

But will her love for him be strong enough to survive her finding out the secrets that he’s been hiding?

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