Intense by B. B. Hamel

I built my empire the way I live: fast, hard and unrelenting. I’m ruthless and I have no intention of slowing down.
When it comes to sex? There are auctions for my preferences.
I’ve been through too much sh*t in my past to let anyone inside.
At least until I meet her, my pet, my Aria.
Aria radiates innocence, but I sensed the darkness behind those gorgeous eyes and tempting curves the second I saw her. And now I can’t walk away.
I’ll take her, spoil her, and make her beg.
But my enemies are always watching, and they’ll use her against me if they find out.
I can’t stop though. I’m in too deep, too addicted.
I’ve already signed the contract.
And the moment she wrote her name, I just knew it. She was mine to keep.

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